The Japan Society of Applied Physics

President’s Message

Further Prospects for the Japan Society of Applied Physics

The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) began as an applied physics discussion group that was formed in 1930 with an interest in real-world applications of academic theory. JSAP’s aim, as written in our articles of association, is to “engage in activities relating to the promotion of research in applied physics and other related academic fields, and to disseminate the results thereof, thereby contributing to the development of society.” It is my duty and mission as the President to be a propelling force for achieving this aim founded on our shared passion for applied physics. It is an honor to serve in this capacity and receive your guidance and support.

Our previous Presidents have led JSAP through great shifts, never shirking away from change, going beyond the borders drawn by academic disciplines and institutions. This is what has driven JSAP’s strength as a leader through the ages. Our world has been going through intense change of late, with societal issues across the globe growing ever more complex and demands emerging to contribute toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is amidst these societal conditions that JSAP puts to use its key attribute–diversity–to explore new academic fields, nurture innovation, and strongly promote international and interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering links between academia, governments, and industries.

Turning to the current situation, humanity is facing great challenges with the rapid spread of COVID-19. In order to protect the health and safety of everyone involved, and to prevent further spread of the infection, we regretfully had to cancel JSAP’s 2020 Spring Meeting. Allow me to express my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience it caused to our many members and affiliates. There are now great prospects for applied physics to make pioneering and proactive developments and contributions across the globe. This is because our rapidly changing society now faces pressing needs to enhance healthcare facilities, analyze pathogens, promote remote work and teaching, as well as reinforce industrial bases that cannot be facilitated without the power of applied physics.

I have no doubt that we all are facing an array of issues amidst these difficulties. To ensure that we all are able to work with greater reassurance and efficiency, JSAP aims to embody, integrate, and advance the positive cycle of knowledge that comes from further collaboration between academia, industry, and government; from cooperation with other academic societies; and from working together with researchers across the world. We are discussing how to provide a platform for sharing and disseminating information in new, cross-communicative ways. By gaining knowledge and insights into building a community anew, we will overcome these difficulties. Your understanding and support here are greatly appreciated.

As I wrote at the start of this message, our passion for applied physics is of utmost importance. Trust, respect, and a feeling of security. We will make every endeavor to pass on our deep fondness for applied physics, and to share the warm affability of this field.

Mutsuko Hatano : JSAP President

President, The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
School of Engineering,Tokyo Institute of Technology

Signature of Mutsuko Hatano