The Japan Society of Applied Physics

President’s Message

The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) is an association with an engineering mind having its Articles of Incorporation stipulating that, “This Juridical Person engages in activities relating to the promotion of research in applied physics and other related academic fields, as well as the dissemination of its results, thereby contributing to the development of society.” Its spectrum is extremely broad, its borders are ambiguous and its configuration is constantly and actively changing.

Dr. Isamu Akasaki, Dr. Hiroshi Amano and Dr. Shuji Nakamura who won the Nobel Prize in Physics for blue LEDs in the autumn of 2014 are honorary members of the JSAP, and 10 out of the 16 papers that were the subject of the Nobel Prize were published in the JJAP. We have had an alliance with IOP Publishing for the JJAP and APEX since 2014 and the number of their subscriptions has expanded more than 2.5 times. The content of the membership journal, Oyo Buturi has been transformed and its digital edition is being produced. We started to hold annual meetings at the Congress Center and bilingual capabilities have advanced. Diversification of the membership make up is also being promoted, by newly establishing the Industrial Chapter and Student Chapter, etc., and the number of overseas members has surged from 1% to 2.6%. We will promote outreach activities and strategic PR activities.

Using the activities that the members are passionate about as a driving force, and with the cooperation of the Chapters, Divisions, Professional Groups and Frontier Research Groups, as well as support from the corporate members, we will continuously evolve ourselves into a fully realized international society. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kazuo Hotate : JSAP President Signature of Kazuo Hotate President, The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Vice President, Toyota Technological Institute