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Transition to an electronic version of the membership journal Oyo Buturi for undergraduate and graduate student members, and the promotional campaign for the electronic version for all members

Chair, Membership Journal Planning and Editorial Committee
The Japan Society of Applied Physics

The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) has issued the monthly membership journal Oyo Buturi and has been sending the paper version out to members, as one of their basic services†. In recent years, many societies have adopted electronic versions of journals, and the JSAP too, has a service that allows members to read the electronic version of Oyo Buturi, after logging into our website. Given this trend, the JSAP is currently planning a total transition to an electronic membership journal for Oyo Buturi in the near future.

† Excluding young industrial members and international postdoctral members.

As the first step, we would like to let you know that (1) the delivery of the paper version will be terminated and we will start the electronic version only service for undergraduate and graduate student members, who are sufficiently familiar with electronic media, and (2) we are launching a promotional campaign for the electronic version, so that it will allow all members to actively enjoy the electronic version.

(1) Termination of delivery of the paper version of Oyo Buturi (undergraduate and graduate student members)

At the 5th Board of Directors Meeting of the 57th term, it was approved that the December 2018 issue will be the last delivery of the paper version to undergraduate and graduate student members. Undergraduate and graduate student members can continue to enjoy all the contents of the January 2019 and future issues of Oyo Buturi through the electronic version. Oyo Buturi not only features technical articles that introduce state-of-the-art research as well as a Fundamental Lecture series, which explains the experimental technologies of specific fields for beginners, but also includes an abundance of information that is useful for the careers of young researchers. We hope you can enjoy the Oyo Buturi anywhere, from a commuting train to a break between experiments.

(2) Promotional campaign for electronic version of Oyo Buturi (for all members)

As a campaign to promote the electronic version for a limited period, we are preparing a special site that allows you to read the latest electronic issue of Oyo Buturi without logging in, through a link in an e-mail or saved bookmark. We hope you can make good use of this opportunity.

The special site URL will be announced on the November and December issues of Oyo Buturi and JSAP e-mail newsletter.
Approximately from December 20, 2018 to December 20, 2019
Available issues:
January to December issues for Volume 88