The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Code of Ethics

The Japan Society of Applied Physics Code of Ethics

The members (hereinafter referred to as “Members”) of the Japan Society of Applied Physics (hereinafter referred to as “JSAP”) assume the responsibility of performing research and development activities for natural sciences and of contributing to social development through their activities in the field of applied physics, focusing on the development of innovative technology and the creation of new materials by making full use of scientific concepts such as physics and chemistry, techniques and approaches.

On the basis of the above responsibility, JSAP establish the following ethical code as a set of self-imposed rules for each Member to pursue fair and appropriate research activities following strict ethics, and seek to promote and establish this code of ethics.

Members recognize their social mission and role and make ongoing efforts and exercise self-discipline such that the principles of the ethical code will be ensured in their specific actions and decision making.

Partially amended on February 12, 2010