The Japan Society of Applied Physics

JSAP Awards

JSAP Outstanding Achievement Award

Outstanding achievement in the field of applied physics is recognized by the presentation of a ‘JSAP Outstanding Achievement Award’ to individuals who have greatly contributed to the progress of applied physics.

JSAP Fellow

‘JSAP fellow’ is presented to individuals who have remarkably contributed to the progress of applied physics through the continuous activities in JSAP.

JSAP Outstanding Paper Award

Awards are presented to the authors of outstanding papers published in the main JSAP periodicals, the membership journal (OYO BUTURI), Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, and Applied Physics Express.
These awards honor the authors of papers that are regarded as exceptional achievements in applied physics.

Young Scientist Presentation Award

Young Scientist Presentation Award is designed to recognize young JSAP members for their outstanding contributed oral presentations during JSAP Spring and Autumn Meetings which would contribute to the development of the field of applied physics.

Poster Award

Poster Award is designed to recognize JSAP members, who give the most outstanding poster presentation of research that represents a valuable contribution to the field of applied physics during Spring and Autumn Meeting.

Research Achievement Awards

Research Achievement Awards were established to recognize the members who have made an outstanding achievement in particular research field.

APEX/JJAP Editorial Contribution Award

APEX/JJAP Editorial Contribution Award is designed to recognize individuals who have made a considerable contribution to edit of APEX/JJAP.

JSAP Diversity & Inclusion Awards

JSAP Diversity & Inclusion Awards are designed to recognize female researchers/engineers who made outstanding achievements in the field of applied physics and individuals/groups who contributed promoting diversity and inclusion in our community.