The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Membership Services FAQ

A. Individual Membership

A1 What do I need to become a JSAP member?
A To join the JSAP main society, you need a referral from a JSAP Official Member who is either a Regular Member, Senior Member, Life Member, Emeritus Member or Honorary Member.
To join the JSAP division, you need a referral from either a JSAP Official Member (defined as above) or a JSAP division member.
Student Member or Undergraduate Student Member cannot become a referrer.

If you don’t have any person to give you a referral, please contact Membership Services (obgmembership ) with attaching the following information; your affiliation, age, reason for application, field of study and a brief personal history. The Directors in charge will review the information.
Please note that it will take at least one week to complete the application.
A2 What is a Sub Member?
A Sub Member are members who only belongs to the division(s).
A3 Can a junior high school student become a member?
A As our Article 5 states Student Member are undergraduate students and similar persons, junior high school students cannot become a Student Member.
(Reference) Articles of Incorporation
A4 I’m a Sub Member. How can I join the main society?
A Sub Member can join the JSAP main society on your My Page menu.
A5 How can I change from Official Membership to Student Membership?
A Please update your academic history on your My Page. You need to enter the graduation/completion year.
A6 How can I become a Senior Member?
A Senior Member is a member over 60 years old without a regular job. You need an application to become a Senior Member. Please contact us by email, FAX or post.

Membership Services, The Japan Society of Applied Physics
1-21-5 Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0031, Japan
A7 How can I modify my registered profile?
A There are 2 ways to modify your registered information.
  • 1) Modify on your MyPage
    Please log on to your My Page, select “View/Update Your Profile” from the menu.
  • 2) Ask Secretariat to modify
    Please request with your name and membership number by email, FAX or post.
We cannot accept the update of your personal information (e.g. mailing address, affiliation, email) by phone.
A8 Can I change my name on the profile?
A We cannot accept change of your name, except from marital name change. Please apply for a new membership with your new name. In case of marital name change, please contact Membership Services (obgmembership ).
A9 How can I join divisions?
A Please log on to your My Page and select “Apply for Division Membership” from the menu.
A10 How can I reissue my JSAP ID and Password?
A You can reissue your JSAP ID and Password from Password resetting form page.
We will send your JSAP ID and a temporary password to your registered email address.
The temporary password is only valid for 24 hours. Please log on to your My Page and set a new password.
If you did not receive an email with a temporary password, your registered email address might be invalid. Please contact Membership Services (obgmembership ) with your new email address.

Please do not set a password which can be easily guessed such as your name, your date of birth.
A11 Which web browsers do you recommend for MyPage?
• Microsoft Edge latest version
• Mozilla Firefox  latest version
• Google Chrome latest version

• Safari latest version
• Mozilla Firefox latest version
• Google Chrome latest version
A12 When can I receive a membership journal “OYO BUTURI”?
A We send “OYO BUTURI” at the beginning of every month. It might delay due to some uncertain conditions.
A13 I haven’t received a membership journal/division journal.
A It might be the following reason.
  • 1) Your mailing address is invalid.
    If our mailed materials are returned, your registered mailing address will be regarded invalid and other registered address will be automatically registered as your mailing address. If you haven’t received journals, it’s likely all of your registered addresses are invalid. Please register a valid mailing address from your My Page or contact Membership Services (obgmembership ).
  • 2) You are delinquent of the membership fees.
    If you are delinquent of the membership fees for 3 months, subscription of the May issue of our membership journals will be automatically suspended. The subscription will be resumed upon payment of the membership fee from your My Page. If you wish the missing issues to be delivered, please contact Membership Services (obgmembership ).
  • 3) Your membership have been canceled.
    If you are delinquent of the membership fees for 1 year, your membership will be automatically cancelled and journal subscription will be also suspended. If you wish to reinstate your membership, please contact Membership Services (obgmembership ).
A14 Do you ship journals to overseas address?
A We ship our membership journals and division journals to overseas address by surface mail. There is no shipping charge.
A15 Can I purchase a membership journal without becoming a JSAP member?
A You cannot purchase our membership journals at bookstores.
Educational or public institutions can become JSAP Special Members and subscribe to our membership journals.
A16 How can I subscribe to APEX/JJAP?
A JSAP member can subscribe to APEX/JJAP Online at an individual member rate of 3,000 JPY. We are not offering printed versions any more.
Please log on to your My Page and select “Subscribe to APEX/JJAP Online” on the menu.
A17 How can I view APEX/JJAAP Online?
A APEX/JJAP are now published by IOP Publishing on behalf of the JSAP.
You can access to APEX/JJAP Online from your My Page or from the IOP Publishing website.
Membership verification with your JSAP ID and password is required when accessing from the IOP Publishing website.
A18 How and when should I cancel my membership?
A If you wish to cancel the next year’s membership, please make cancellation request by December 31st of the previous year.
If you send cancellation request after January 1st, the membership fee of that year will be charged.

There are 2 ways to cancel your membership.
  • 1) Select “Cancel Membership (JSAP/Division)” on your My Page and send the cancellation form.
  • 2) Send us a cancellation request with your name and membership number by email, FAX or post.
    We cannot accept a cancellation request by phone.

We will let you know when your membership cancellation have been completed. If you haven’t received the confirmation 1 month after your request, please contact Membership Services (obgmembership ).
A19 Can I freeze my membership?
A We are very sorry that we cannot accept a request to freeze your membership.
A20 How can I rejoin or reinstate my membership?
A If you wish to rejoin in the year or the next year you canceled your membership, you cannot apply for a new membership from online. Please log onto My Page and click the link “Reinstate Membership (JSAP/Division)”.
If your membership has been expired for more than 2 years, please apply for a new membership from “Join JSAP”.
A21 When can I receive my membership card?
A Your membership card will be sent by email or post along with the receipt upon payment of the membership fee.
If you pay the fee by bank withdrawal, your membership card will be sent enclosed with the invoice.
New members will receive the membership card by email along with the admission confirmation on 20th of every month.
You can download your membership card on your My Page too.
A22 Will you provide contact information for other members?
A As per our privacy policy, we cannot directly provide our members contact information.
Please send us the request to Membership Services (obgmembership ). We will forward your email to the member concerned.
A23 Who has a vote to elect JSAP representatives?
A Regular Members (including Undergraduate Student Members) have a vote to elect JSAP representatives. Student Members do not have a vote.
A24 Which chapter do I belong to?
A Which chapter you belong to is decided according to your registered home address. If you haven’t registered your home address, you do not belong to any of the chapters. Please note there is no chapter for the Kanto region.

ChapterCodeRegistered Home Address
Tohoku2Fukushima, Miyagi, Yamagata, Akita, Iwate, Aomori
Tokai3Shizuoka, Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Yamanashi
Hokuriku-Sinetsu4Fukui, Ishikawa, Toyama, Nagano, Niigata
Kansai5Osaka, Shiga, Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama, Hyogo
Chugoku-Shikoku6Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Kagawa, Tokushima, Kochi, Ehime
Kyushu7Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Okinawa
Kanto8Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Saitama, Gunma
A25 Is there any support for members in the regions designated as serious disaster areas?
A JSAP members in the regions designated as serious disaster areas can have their membership fees waived for 1 year. Please request with a suffering certificate issued by an autonomous body or your affiliation.

B. Membership Fees

B1 How much are the admission fees and basic annual dues?
A We charge only admission fees for the first year and basic annual dues from the second year.

Basic Annual Dues
(1)Regular Member10,000 JPY
(2)Student Member3,000 JPY
(3)Senior Member6,000 JPY (*Need application to become Senior Member)
(4)Corporate Member40,000 JPY
(5)Special Member16,000 JPY
(6)Honorary MemberExempted
(7)Emeritus MemberExempted
(8)Life MemberExempted

Admission Fees
(1)Regular Member10,000 JPY
(2)Student Member3,000 JPY

If you subscribe to APEX/JJAP Online, an additional 3,000 JPY is required.
No shipping fee is required for the membership journal “OYO BUTURI” or the division journals.
B2 Does the fee include tax?
A Admission fees, basic annual dues, division membership fees are all no-taxed.
The following fees are taxable (tax-included).
  • JJAP & APEX Online subscription fees
  • Special Membership fees (main society/divisions)
  • Annual passport for the silicon technology division workshops
B3 When is the due date for payment of the membership fee?
A We only accept advance payment. Please pay the next year’s membership fee by the end of December of the year. We will send invoice in mid-October by email or post.
B4 What are the payment methods of the membership fees?
A If you are living in Japan, please pay the fee by automatic bank withdrawal.
There are 3 other methods of payment. The payment system is managed by SoftBank Payment Service Corp. on consignment from the JSAP.
  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club International)
  • PayPal
  • Convenience store(7-Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, Seicomart, Circle K Sunkus, MINISTOP, Daily Yamazaki)
B5 Can I pay in installments?
A We do not accept payment in installments.
B6 When can I get a receipt of payment?
A Payment receipts will be sent by email or post after we can confirm the payment.
You can also download the receipt by selecting “View Membership Fee/Issue Receipt” from My Page menu.
If you pay by automatic bank withdrawal, the payment receipt will be sent in the end of January.
B7 Can my company (or university) pay on my behalf?
A If your university or company will cover your membership fees, please advance the fee on behalf and get reimbursed later.
B8 How can I change my withdrawal account? Can I cancel the bank withdrawal?
A Please submit with the application form to Membership Services (obgmembership ).
B9 What if the bank withdrawal fails?
A If the bank withdrawal falls through, we will charge the fee to the same account again in the next month.
It it fails 3 times, we will cancel the bank withdrawal and send invoice to your address.
If the bank withdrawal succeeds, it is recorded as "MHF)オウブツカイヒ" etc. on your passbook.
B10 Can I refund my membership fee if I cancel my membership in the middle of the year?
A Our membership fees are annual. We cannot refund the fees if you cancel your membership in the middle of the year.
B11 What if I failed to pay my membership fee?
A If you are delinquent of the membership fees for 3 months, the subscription of membership journals will be automatically suspended.
If the delinquency continues for 1 year, your membership will be automatically cancelled. You cannot apply for a new membership in the following year either.
B12 Can I have missing issues of the membership journal “OYO BUTURI” after the delinquency?
A We will send the missing issues only upon request. Please contact Membership Services (obgmembership ) if you wish them to be delivered.
B13 What if I overpaid my membership fees?
A If there is overpayment of the membership fees, we will apply the money to the next year’s membership fee.

C. Corporate Membership

C1 What are the benefits of Corporate Membership?
  • Subscription to the monthly JSAP membership journal “OYO BUTURI”.
  • Eligibility to place ads in “OYO BUTURI” at a member rates.

Below are the benefits only for Supporting Membership
  • Eligibility to place recruitment ads in “OYO BUTURI”
  • Eligibility to set up an exhibit both at our annual meetings at a member rates
  • List of Supporting Members are also posted at our annual meetings and on our official HP
  • Reduced registration fees for workshops and seminars organized by JSAP (excluding the JSAP Spring an Autumn Meeting)
C2 What is Special Membership?
A Educational institutions and public institutions such as university libraries can become Special Members and subscribe to the monthly membership journal “OYO BUTURI”.
Annual due for the Special Membership is 16,000 JPY.

D. Annual Meetings

D1 Can I contribute a talk in the JSAP annual meetings?
A Speakers of contributed presentation should be JSAP Official Members, JSAP Student Members and JSAP’s Partner Societies* Members.

* JSAP’s Partner Societies:
  • American Physical Society (APS)
  • Chinese Society for Optical Engineering (CSOE)
  • European Optical Society (EOS)
  • European Physical Society (EPS)
  • Institute of Physics (IOP)
  • The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging (JIEP)
  • Korean Physical Society (KPS)
  • OPTICA (formerly OSA)
  • The Optical Society of Japan (OSJ) *
  • Optical Society of Korea (OSK)
  • Physics Education Society of Japan (PESJ)
  • Physical Society of Republic of China (PSROC)
  • International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)
  • Physics Society of the Philippines (SPP)
  • Taiwan Photonics Society (TPS)

If you are none of the above, please complete a membership application before submission.

* OSJ members can submit only to the JSAP-OSA Joint Symposia held in autumn meetings.

D2 I am a JSAP Sub Member. Can I contribute a talk in the annual meetings?
A JSAP Sub Members, who belong only to JSAP divisions, can submit in the JSAP Spring Meetings, but not in the JSAP Autumn Meeting.
If you join JSAP main society, you will be eligible to submit both in the JSAP Spring and Autumn Meeting.
D3 My company (organization) is JSAP’s corporate member. Can I contribute a talk?
A Only individual members can contribute a talk. Please apply for individual membership.
D4 Can I apply for the JSAP Young Scientists Presentation Awards? What are the qualifications?
A The applicants for the JSAP Young Scientists Presentation Awards should meet the qualifications below:
  • 1) Under 34 years of age as of the succeeding April 1st
  • 2) Lead author of their paper
  • 3) Registered speaker who actually made the presentation
  • 4) Applied for the JSAP Young Scientist Presentation Awards upon submission
  • 5) JSAP member as of the date of receipt of award

Please read the JSAP Young Scientist Oral Presentation Awards Provision before applying for the award.
D5 Can I withdraw my abstract?
A You can withdraw your abstract before the submission deadline. We cannot accept any withdrawal after the submission deadline.
D6 How many talks can I contribute?
A The maximum number of submission per person is 3.
D7 Can non-members attend the JSAP annual meeting?
A Though non-members cannot contribute a talk, they can participate in the meeting as a non-member rate.
D8 My company (organization) is JSAP’s corporate member. Can I register for the meeting at member rates?
A Member rates only apply to JSAP Individual Members and JSAP’s partner society members. Corporate Members cannot register for the meeting at member rates. Please register at non-member rates.
D9 What are the payment methods of the registration fees?
A You can choose either of the following payment methods.
1. Credit Card (VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners)
2. Convenience Store Payment
3. Bank Transfer (*only available for those residing in Japan)
* We do not issue an invoice.
* We cannot accept postal transfer.
D10 When can I receive a receipt of the registration fee?
A An electronic receipt can be downloaded on the registration site.
Please print it out by yourself.
D11 I’d like to cancel my registration. Can I get a refund of the registration fee?
A No cancellation is accepted after completion of payment.
D12 Can I buy a conference abstracts DVD and official guidebook without attending the meeting?
A You can purchase a conference abstracts DVD at an early bird registration rate. Please contact Annual Meetings (obgmeeting ).
The Official guidebook is not available for sale.
D13 Will there be child care?
A We offer free nursery services with qualified staff for the participants with children. Advanced reservation is required. Please see the conference website for more details.
D14 Will I have internet access while at the meeting?
A Free wireless Internet services is available at the poster session venue (exhibition venue). No PC is available at the venue. Please bring your own laptops.
D15 Can I print out my documents at the venue?
A Print-out service is not available at the venue.
D16 Can I buy abstract DVDs / official guidebooks of the past meetings?
A Abstracts DVDs of the past meetings (after 2010 Spring) can be purchased.
Please contact Annual Meetings (obgmeeting ).
The official guidebooks are not available for sale.
D17 How can I view the program of the past meetings?
A Conference Programs of the past meetings (after 2003 Autumn) can be available online. Links of the past conference programs are available on the past meeting page.
You can cross-search the extended abstracts of the past meetings (from 2013 Spring to 2023 Spring) in the Program Archives page.
D18 My company/organization is considering exhibiting at the meeting.
A Please contact :
Nikkan Kogyo Communications, Inc.
TEL: +81-3-5614-3080
Email: 0a1shirane 0a2nikkanad|co|jp