The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Optical Engineering Award Recipients

YearAward RecipientsCitation
Takehiko Nakai Introduction of new technologies such as multi-layered diffractive optical elements into camera systems and their practical application
Satoshi Kawata Contribution to the science of nano-optics and nano-spectroscopy
Takeshi Shimano Pioneering R&D on applied optical systems and its deployment for consumer electronics
Kazuo Kuroda For pioneering research on photorefractive photonics and outstanding contributions to the development of optics and photonics
Kaoru Minoshima Creation of spatio-temporal control and manipulation technology of light by optical frequency comb and contribution to optical metrology
Mitsuo Takeda Contributions to the development of optical engineering through pioneering work in the fields of optical metrology, information optics, and imaging
Masato Shibuya Contribution to the development of optical design technology represented by the phase shift method and the promotion of lens optics
Kenichi Iga Pioneering and continuous contribution to surface emitting laser and microoptics
Koichi Maruyama Establishment of design method for diffractive refractive hybrid lens and contribution to spread of diffractive lens technology
Tadao Tsuruta Distinguished contributions to optical engineering through R. and D. activities and long years educational writings
Takashi Yatsui Development of a non-contact optical surface flattening technology in a sub-nanometer scale
Yoshiki Ichioka Pioneering work on image information systems developed from optics, electronics, and information science and technology based interdisciplines
Keisuke Goda Development and utility of ultrafast imaging
Toyohiko Yatagai Significant contributions to optical measurement and optical information processing