The Japan Society of Applied Physics

JSAP Outstanding Achievement Award Recipients

YearAward RecipientsCitation
Morinobu Endo Contribution to applied physics of nanocarbons, mainly on carbon nanotubes via catalytic chemical vapor deposition (CCVD) method and also to industrial applications
Masaru Hori Pioneering Research on Radical Controlled Plasma Processes
Tatsuo Uchida Contribution to industrial development by elucidating the basic properties of liquid crystals and developing high-performance liquid crystal displays
Shinji Yuasa Pioneering Research on MgO-based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
Chihaya Adachi High performance organic light-emitting devices based on the innovation of cutting-edge materials
Masayoshi Esashi Contribution to development and industrial expansion of MEMS technology
Kazuhiko Hirakawa Pioneering work on terahertz science and technologies of quantum nanostructures
Masakazu Aono Invention and application of (I) new atomic-scale surface structure analysis/manipulation methods and (II) the atomic switch for novel nanometer-scale switching/memory devices
Wataru Susaki Advanced research of lattice-matched red AlGaAs/GaAs lasers at room temperature and contribution of practical use of semiconductor lasers by first mode-stabilized TJS structure
Yoshinori Honguh For the educational contribution through the tutorial article series "Landscapes of Wave Optics"
Yasunobu Nakamura Realization of superconducting quantum bits and pioneering research towards applications of quantum technologies
Tsutomu Miyasaka Creation and efficiency enhancement of organic inorganic perovskite solar cells
Akio Sasaki Contributions to the initiation and development of a new academic realm ‘Alloy Semiconductor Electronics’ and to the stimulus and encouragement of young talent
Seigo Tarucha Quantum information electronics with artificial atoms and molecules
Akira Toriumi For contributions to advanced CMOS device design from device physics and materials engineering to industrial technology
Kiyoshi Toko For his pioneering study and implementation of biomimetic sensors for gustatory and olfactory senses
Masamichi Yamanishi For his pioneering research and development of wavefunction engineering optical devices
Hidetoshi Katori For his pioneering research on optical lattice clocks
Yasuhiro Horiike For his pioneering research and development of semiconductor dry etching technologies and the industrialization
Mitsumasa Koyanagi For his contribution on the evolution of high-density memory and pioneering research of three-dimensional integrated circuits
Susumu Noda For his pioneering research on photonic crystals
Katsuaki Satou For his contribution to education and science outreach activities in the field of applied materials science through such as internet and books.
Yasuhiko Arakawa For his pioneering research on quantum dot lasers
Hideomi Koinuma For his pioneering research on oxide thin film materials
Masataka Nakazawa For his pioneering research on Erbium-Doped Optical Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) pumped by semiconductor lasers and its development of application
Hideo Ohno For his leading research on semiconductor spintronics
Tatau Nishinaga For his leading research on the epitaxial growth of semiconductors
Hideo Hosono For his pioneering research on creation of novel functional oxides
Jumpei Tsujiuchi For his work in the development of optical information processing and its contribution to academic and industrial fields
Kohichi Kitazawa For his pioneering research on electro-magnetic properties of the high temperature superconductors
Eiji Takeda For his advanced research on high-field effects in scaled MOSFETs, and applied research for industries
Kashiko Kodate For her contribution to nurturing female researchers and promoting gender equality in science and engineering
Hiroyuki Sakaki For his pioneering research on semiconductor nanostructure devices
Terunobu Miyazaki For his pioneering research on room temperature tunnel magneto-resistive devices
Yoshihiro Hamakawa For his pioneering research on amorphous silicon solar cells
Masataka Hirose For his basic and leading research on amorphous semiconductor superlattices and silicon integration technologies
Yasuharu Suematsu For his pioneering research on semiconductor lasers for optical fiber communications
Eiichi Maruyama For his pioneering research on high-performance imaging devices using non-crystalline semiconductors
Kenichi Iga For his pioneering research on surface emitting semiconductor lasers
Ryuichi Shimizu For his contributions to the pioneering fundamental research on micro-beam analysis, and on surface analysis technologies
Takuo Sugano For his pioneering research on silicon MOS devices and his contributions to the development of LSI technologies
Susumu Namba For his pioneering research on the application of beam technologies in semiconductor engineering
Hiroyuki Matsunami For his pioneering research on SiC semiconductors and their devices
Takashi Mimura For the invention and development of the High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT)
Tadao Tsuruta For the educational contributions with his scientific work “PENCIL OF RAYS”
Sumio Iijima For the discovery and elucidation of carbon nanotubes
Shoji Tanaka For his pioneering research on oxide superconductors
Isamu Akasaki For his pioneering research on blue light emitting nitride semiconductor devices
Izuo Hayashi For his pioneering work on the development of semiconductor lasers and innovations related to optoelectronic integrated circuits
Mamoru Mohri For his enduring commitment and multifaceted contributions to public education in the field of science in space