The Japan Society of Applied Physics

1st JSAP Fellow (2007) 2007 JSAP Fellow Award Recipients

JSAP Fellow

Fellow RecipientsTitle of the Accomplishment
Masakazu Aono(National Institute for Materials Science)Studies of the Structure and Electronic State of Solid Surfaces and the Creation and Property Measurement of Nanostructures
Yoshinobu Aoyagi(Tokyo Institute of Technology)Study on Nano Material Processing Using Beam and Crystal Growth Technology
Shojiro Asai(Rigaku Corporation)Pioneering Research and Development in Semiconductor Devices and Processes
Makoto Azuma(Toshiba Corporation)Development of High Power Gate Turn-Off (GTO) Thyristors
Yasuhiko Arakawa(The University of Tokyo)Pioneering Work on Concept and Realization of Quantum Dot Photonic Devices
Sumio Iijima(Meijo University / National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))Development of High Resolution Electron Microscopy and Discovery of Carbon Nanotubes
Kenichi Iga(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)Pioneering Research on Parallel Microoptics Mainly Based on Surface Emitting Lasers
Tetsuhiko Ikegami(Space Activities Commission, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT))Research and Development of Semiconductor Laser for Telecomunication
Tatsuo Izawa(NTT Electronics Corporation)Development of Optical Fibers and Planar Lightwave Circuits for Telecommunication
Yukihiro Ishii(Tokyo University of Science)Research on Frequency-Controlled Laser-Diode Interferometry and Holographic Optical Information Processing
Junzo Ishikawa(Kyoto University)Study on Ion Beam Application and Vacuum Nanoelectronics
Masakazu Ichikawa(The University of Tokyo)Development of Surface Microscopy and Its Application to Semiconductor Nanotechnology
Hiroshi Iwai(Tokyo Institute of Technology)Contribution to the Miniaturization of Si Integrated Circuit Devices
Koichi Iwata(Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture)Researches on Mechanical and Nondestructive Measurements by Optical Means
Osamu Ueda(Kanazawa Institute of Technology)Study on the Investigation of Degradation Mechanisms in III-V Compound Semiconductor Optical Devices
Kenichi Ueda(The University of Electro-Communications)Development of High Power Ceramic Laser and Fiber Laser
Masayoshi Esashi(Tohoku University)Study of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Based on Semiconductor Microfabrication
Motoichi Ohtsu(The University of Tokyo)Pioneering Research on Nanophotonics
Iwao Ohdomari(Waseda University)Studies on Single Ion Implantation and Control of Semiconductor Surfaces and Interfaces
Hideo Ohno(Tohoku University)Semiconductor and Related Spintronics
Tsugunori Okumura(Tokyo Metropolitan University)Development of Electrical Characterization Techniques for Point Defects and Interfacial Imperfections in Semiconductors
Mototsugu Ogura(Matsushita Electric)Research and Development and Industrial Application of Advanced Semiconductor Process Technology
Shunri Oda(Tokyo Institute of Technology)Silicon Nanocrystal Devices
Minoru Obara(Keio University)Development of High-Power Lasers and Their Applications
Akinobu Kasami(Toshiba Corporation)The Development of III-Phosphide Visible LED’s and Red Visible Laser Diodes
Yoshifumi Katayama(University of Tsukuba)Fundamental Study of Semiconductor Heterostructures; Fabrication, Structural and Electronic Properties and Device Application
Chioko Kaneta(Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)Expansion and Propagation of Atomic Scale Simulation in Applied Science
Takeshi Kamiya(National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)Studies on Semiconductor Optical and Quantum Electronics
Masao Kawachi(NTT Electronics Corporation)Pioneering Research and Development of Planar Lightwave Circuits and Related Devices
Satoshi Kawata(Osaka University / Riken)Near-Field Nano-Photonics
Takashi Kurokawa(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)Optical Functional Devices and Their Applications
Yukinori Kuroki(Kyushu University)Study on Non-Volatile Semiconductor Memories and Development of LSI Manufacturing Technologies
Kazuo Kuroda(The University of Tokyo)Contribution to the Research on Nonlinear Optics, Photorefractive Materials, and Their Applications
Takanori Koshikawa(Osaka Electro-Communication University)Solid Surface Investigation by Using Low Energy and Photo-Emission Electron Microscopy
Nobuyoshi Koshida(Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyStudy on Optoelectronic Functions and Device Applications of Quantum-Sized Silicon
Kohroh Kobayashi(Tokyo Institute of Technology)Research and Development and Commercialization of Semiconductor Lasers for High-Capacity Optical Communications
Masanori Komuro(NEDO)Research on Micro-Fabrication Technology Using Charged Particles and Its Application to Electron Devices
Mitsumasa Koyanagi(Tohoku University)Study of High Density, High Performance Three-Dimensional Semiconductor Memories and Nano-Scale Devices
Shigeaki Zaima(Nagoya University)Scientific Study on Silicon ULSI Processes
Takatomo Sasaki(Osaka University)Development of New Functional Crystals and Its Industrial Application
Katsuaki Sato(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)Crystals Science and Technology of Ternary and Multinary Compounds and Pioneering Works in the Spintronics Field
Nobuhiko Sawaki(Nagoya University)Study of Electro-Optical Properties in Compound Semiconductor Heterostructures
Yasuhiro Shiraki(Tokyo City University)Basic and Application Study of Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) Technology
Hideo Sugai(Chubu University)Gas Phase/Surface Processes in Reactive Plasma and Development of Novel Plasma Source
Hideo Sunami (Emeritus Professor of Hiroshima University)Contributions in the Invention of the Trench Capacitor DRAM Cell and the Development of Integrated Circuit Technologies
Kunio Takayanagi(Tokyo Institute of Technology)Pioneering Development of UHV-Electron Microscopy for Studies of Surfaces and Nano-Materials Phases
Hideo Takezoe(Tokyo Institute of Technology)Studies on Science and Application of Liquid Crystal Physics
Eiji Takeda(Hitachi, Ltd. )Innovation on the Scaled VLSI Devices and Its’ Application to Industries
Mitsuo Takeda(The University of Electro-Communications)Invention of the Fourier Transform Method for Fringe Analysis and Its Application to Optical Metrology
Michio Tajima(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)Innovation and Standardization of Optical Crystal Characterization Techniques
Kunihide Tachibana(Kyoto University)Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Reactive Plasmas and Development of New Field of Microplasmas
Kazunobu Tanaka(Japan Science and Technology Agency)Materials Science of Amorphous and Nano-Crystalline Semiconductors
Kenji Taniguchi(Osaka University)Contributions to the Development of MOS-IC Process and Device Technologies
Sakae Tanemura(Japan Fine Ceramics Centre)R&D on Ceramics Thin Films and Nano-Structured Ceramics, and Their Industrial Applications
Yoshinori Chikaura(Kyushu Institute of Technology)Instrumental Research on Synchrotron X-Radiation Imaging for Functional Materials
Naoki Chinone(Aichi University of Technology)Advanced Research and Commercialization of Semiconductor Lasers
Tetsuo Tsutsui(Kyushu University )Research and Development in Organic Electroluminescent Materials and Devices
Yoshikazu Toyama(Japan Women’s University)Research and Development of Semiconductor Devices for Communication Use and Contribution to Promoting Equal Participation of Men and Women in Science and Engineering
Akira Tonomura(Hitachi, Ltd.)Investigation of Local Electromagnetic Characteristics of Advanced Materials by Electron Phase Microscopy
Hisao Nakashima(Osaka University)Study of Semiconductor Crystal Growth, Physics, Processes and Devices
Tatau Nishinaga(Toyohashi University of Technology)Studies of Crystal Growth Mechanism and Development of Dislocation Free Growth Technology
Susumu Noda(Kyoto University)Pioneering Works on Photonic Crystals
Hideki Hasegawa(Professor Emeritus of Hokkaido University)Control of Surfaces and Interfaces of Compound Semiconductors and Its Device Application
Masataka Hirose(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)Pioneering Work on Semiconductor Materials/Processes and Development of Integrated Device Technology
Takashi Fukui(Hokkaido University)Study on Semiconductor Quantum Nanostructures by Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Yasuhiro Horiike(National Institute for Materials Science)Study on Development of Advanced Fabrication Technology and Its Application to New Functional Devices
Yoshiji Horikoshi(Waseda University)Development of New Epitaxial Growth Methods for High Quality Semiconductor Thin Films
Toshiaki Makabe(Keio University)Pioneering Contributions to Modeling and Design of Low Temperature Plasma Processes
Junji Matsui(Hyogo Science and Technology Association)Research of Highly Precise Crystal Characterization Technology by X-Ray and Synchrotron Radiation
Hiroyuki Matsunami(Japan Science and Technology Agency)Pioneering Research on Precise Control of Physical Properties of Semiconductor SiC and Its Application to Power Devices
Koichi Mizushima(Toshiba Research Consulting Corporation)Research and Development of Transition Metal Oxides
Takashi Mimura(Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. )Invention and Demonstration of the High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT)
Masanobu Miyao(Kyushu University)Pioneering Research of Si-Based Heterostructure Technologies for Novel Devices
Terunobu Miyazaki(Tohoku University)Finding a Large Tunnel Magnetoresistance Effect at Room Temperature and Its Application for Spin-Electronics
Mamoru Mohri(Japan Science and Technology Agency)As a Scientist and Astronaut, for Increasing Public and Educational Awareness of Space Utilization
Seizo Morita(Osaka University)Chemical Identification, Atom Manipulation and Assembly of Nanostructure from Multi Atom Species by Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Yukio Yasuda(Kochi University of Technology)Research of Thin Films and Solid State Surfaces and Interfaces for Semiconductor Integrated Circuits
Toyohiko Yatagai(Utsunomiya University)Optical Measurement, Optical Infromation Processing, Biological Iamaging and Related Researches in Applied Optics
Minoru Yamada(Kanazawa University)Research on Establishment of Operating Theory and Improvement of Operating Characteristics in Semiconductor Lasers
Yoshihisa Yamamoto(National Institute of Informatics / Stanford University)Research on Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Science
Naoki Yokoyama(Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)Contributions to the Development of Compound Semiconductor Devices and Leadership in Nanotechnology R&D
Jiro Yoshida(Toshiba Corporation)Studies on Current Transport Mechanism in High Temperature Superconductor Josephson Junctions and Their Applications
Roy Lang(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)Research on Device Physics for Semiconductor Lasers and Their Applications
Hisatsune Watanabe(Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies, Inc. )Research and Development of Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Miyoko O. Watanabe(Toshiba Corporation)Research on Surfaces and Interfaces of Semiconductors
Yukio Watanabe(Professor-Emeritus of Kyushu University)Studies on Clarification of Particle Growth Kinetics in Reactive Plasmas and Its Applications