The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Call for Nominations : JSAP Fellow Award

The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) established the Japan Society of Applied Physics Fellow Award (Fellow Award) in 2006 as one of the awards to honor its members. A total of 477 members received the Fellow Award. In addition, the JSAP Fellow International Award was established in 2012, and 29 researchers have received the award up to now.

This award is presented to members who have contributed to the progress of applied physics through their achievements in academic research, the development and fostering of industrial technology, and human resource cultivation and education in educational and public interest activities through continuous activities in JSAP. Members who are recognized to have made a particularly remarkable contribution are honored and receive the title of Fellow. At the same time, the awarded members are expected to appropriately represent the JSAP and play a leading role in the JSAP activities. They are expected to take the initiative in efforts towards academic and technological development and the cultivation of human resources such as young researchers, with an eye to the advancement of JSAP.

The nominations for the 18th (2024) fellow award are closed.