Basic Policy for Institutional Repositories and Self-Archiving on APEX/JJAP

The publication of an article in Applied Physics Express (APEX) and Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) through an institutional repository and self-archiving, such as posting to a personal site, SNS, or non-profit preprint servers, will be granted only when the following conditions are satisfied.

  • (1)The author’s final manuscript must be used.
  • (2)Information on the article (e.g., journal title, volume, issue number, article ID) must be disclosed.
  • (3)The DOI of the corresponding article must be provided.
  • (4)When JSAP holds the copyright to the article, this must be clearly stated.
  • (5)In the case of an institutional repository, the author’s final manuscript may be posted after a period of more than twelve months from the online publication of the article.

- Approved by the Board of Directors on October 9, 2015
- Revised on April 25, 2016