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  • Membership application via the web site

    We accept your online application only. You need a referral from a JSAP member. Graduate student member and Undergraduate student member are not accepted as a referrer.
    If you don’t have any person to give you a referral, please apply to JSAP Secretariat Membership Services by attaching your affiliation, age, reason for the application, field of study and a brief personal history. The Director in charge, etc., will review the attached information.

  • Receipt of membership processing Email

    Please access the URL listed in the Email, confirm the membership application and click the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

  • Payment of admission fee for first year
    Regular Member10,000 JPY
    Undergraduate and Graduate Student Member3,000 JPY
    Division member (Sub member)Annual membership fee of each division

    You will be taken to the payment service provider (Softbank Payment Service) page. Please select a payment method from the following 3 selections and pay the admission fee.

    Credit Card PaymentDeadline : 20th of each month
    PayPal Payment
    Convenience Store PaymentDeadline : 18th of each month

    If you haven't completed a payment by 20th of next month, your application will be automatically cancelled.

  • Completion of registration Email with provisional membership number

    Please use the provisional membership number should you wish to submit abstracts to meeting held by JSAP before you receive the notification of approval of your membership.

  • Receipt attached to Email

    As soon as your payment is confirmed, we will send you the receipt by Email.

  • Automatic bank withdrawal application

    If you live in Japan, please pay membership fees for subsequent years by automatic bank withdrawal.
    We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.
    Please print and fill out the automatic bank withdrawal application form, place your signature or seal used in the bank book and submit the form to the JSAP Secretariat Membership Services by postal mail.
    Automatic bank withdrawal application form [PDF]

  • Approval from the Board

    After approval from the Board, your membership number will be confirmed.
    Please note that if you do NOT pay the fee, your membership application will not be valid.

  • Notification of membership approval

    We will send you the membership card by Email.

Admission procedure

  • How to join

    Please read all of the information before membership application.

*Speakers of contributed presentation (oral and poster presentations) of autumn meeting should be JSAP Regular Members and JSAP Student Members. Please note that JSAP Division Members can submit abstract spring meeting only.
*In case you are division member and would like to apply for main society, or you are regular member and would like to apply for divisions, please apply from My Page.