Mar. 15 (Thu.)
Mar. 16 (Fri.)
Mar. 17 (Sat.)
Mar. 18 (Sun.)
Memorial Lecture   A2 13:15〜15:00            
Applied Physics toward Green Society - Present Status and Future Prospects for Power Generation, Storage, Transmission and Saving Technologies - S 9:30〜12:00 S 13:30〜17:55            
Element Strategy for Applied Physics   E4 13:30〜17:40            
Gravity application research   C3 13:30〜18:15            
レーザービームシェーピングの新展開     E9 9:00〜12:30          
Various shock phenomena and their technological development       C3 13:30〜18:00        
素子間信号伝達構造界面の物理化学,その現状と今後           A5 13:30〜17:10    
Evolution of Ferroelectric Thin-film Applications for Energy Field           F5 13:45〜18:00    
薄膜シリコン太陽電池と有機薄膜太陽電池のサイエンス     F7 9:00〜12:00          
田中昭二先生追悼シンポジウム「高温超伝導研究開発の25年と将来 - 発見前夜から超伝導デバイス・線材開発まで - 」 B7 9:00〜12:00              
Frontier of next-generation devices and meterials in the post-scaling era F6 9:00〜11:45 F6 13:00〜17:45            
Energy and environmental professional group promoted"Energy innovative technology for Green Society - from solar energy application to energy system -" E2 9:00〜12:05 E2 13:30〜17:55            
中性子・X線のコラボレーションによる薄膜・多層膜の埋もれた界面の解析の新しい展開 B8 9:30〜12:00 B8 13:00〜15:15            
Can Silicide Thermoelectric Materials be the Answer to Waste Heat Power Generation?   〜Weighing of present performance and topics for development〜 B2 9:30〜11:40 B2 13:30〜16:50            
窒化物半導体における特異構造の理解と制御 F11 9:30〜12:10 F11 13:30〜18:00            
JSAP-KPS Joint Symposium "Japan-Korea Symposium on Photovoltaics"   A1 13:00〜16:25            
空間多重光ファイバ伝送と光インターコネクションの最新技術動向   F9 13:00〜16:45            
Semiconductor application of UV nanoimprint   A4 13:00〜17:00            
New development in 3D atomic imaging techniques   F3 13:00〜17:10            
Recent Progress in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometery   B11 13:00〜17:15            
nano-strain electronics-Novel devices and high-resolution characterization-   F10 13:00〜17:15            
Recent Progress and Future Prospect of Electromagnetic Metamaterials   E3 13:00〜17:30            
Polarization-reversal technology pioneering future light control   F4 13:00〜17:30            
Cutting Edge of Nanowire Research   B3 13:00〜17:45            
Lightwave sensing technology for disaster prevention after Japan's 3/11   B9 13:00〜17:45            
Novel properties and applications of multinary compounds   E9 13:00〜17:45            
From Control of Physical Properties of Semiconductors with Intentional
Doping of Functional Impurities to Device Applications with Designed New
Active Functions for Future: Propose function core model
  E1 13:05〜17:40            
M&BE division special symposium: Leading Edge of Bio-imaging   F8 13:30〜16:15            
Reform of science experiments- From elementary and secondary to higher education -   B4 13:30〜16:30            
Heteroepitaxial growth of light-element widegap thin films and highly-functionalized interfaces   F5 13:30〜16:40            
Digital Optics   B10 13:30〜16:45            
One year after the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima -- Radiation monitoring and radioactivity measurements for revival   E7 13:30〜17:10            
Superconducting technology into the market - Wind generator and medical application-   B7 13:30〜17:15            
Recent progress of spintronics materials   A3 13:30〜18:10            
Design and construction of Large-scale Cryogenic Gravitation wave Telescope "KAGRA"   F2 13:40〜16:50            
Plasma Electronics Symposium : Future Perspective on Plasma Process for Carbon Nanomaterials 〜 From Synthesis to Functionalization 〜   E8 13:50〜17:15