Mar. 24 (Thu.)
Mar. 25 (Fri.)
Mar. 26 (Sat.)
Mar. 27 (Sun.)
New challenge in molecular electronics and bioelectronics B5-BL 10:00〜12:20 B5-BL 13:20〜17:30            
異種機能集積化と応用物理〜最先端多様分野の融合によって拓かれる未来社会〜         B5-BV 10:00〜11:50 B5-BV 13:00〜17:45    
Frontier and New Prospects in Optical Science B5-BX 9:25〜12:35 B5-BX 14:00〜15:30 B5-BX 9:30〜12:35 B5-BX 14:00〜16:35        
Quantum Information: Technology Updated and Science Deepened B5-BT 9:30〜12:40 B5-BT 14:10〜17:55            
Recent Advance of Nanocarbon Materials (2) B5-BM 10:20〜12:00 B5-BM 13:30〜16:40            
Modeling and Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices, and Integrated Circuits K1-KC 10:35〜11:45 K1-KC 13:30〜16:15            
Current status and future prospects of spintronics non-volatile memory and logic devices   K2-KQ 13:00〜16:55            
Can "Artificial Photosynthesis" give solution to Japan's Energy Problem?   B5-BV 13:00〜17:00            
Active Plasmonics   B5-BG 13:00〜17:10            
Recent Progress in SIMS technique from interstellar medium to biomedical materials   K2-KX 13:00〜17:05            
KPS-JSAP Joint Symposium "Solar Cell Activities in Japan and Korea" organized by Solid State Physics and Applications Division   C6-CF 13:00〜17:30            
Laser Materials Processing for Green Innovation   B5-BR 13:00〜17:30            
Present status and future prospect of electromagnetic metamaterials   B5-BS 13:00〜17:30            
Innovative Process for Solar Grade Silicon and Sahara Renewable Energy Strategy   C5-CE 13:00〜17:40            
Progress of SiC power electronics development towards Green Innovation   B5-BN 13:00〜17:50            
Production science for thin-film transistors and solar cells-Low-temperature crystallization of thin-film semiconductor-   B5-BK 13:00〜18:05            
Silicide Thermoelectric Materials, Revisited   C5-CB 13:10〜17:10            
Introduction of the LCGT project of Large-scale Cryogenic Gravitational wave Telescope   K2-KU 13:30〜16:55            
Advanced Device and Processing Technologies for High-Quality Image Acquisition   B5-BH 13:30〜17:30            
Recent characterization technologies using synchrotron radiation for industrial application   B5-BE 13:30〜17:35            
Strongly-correlated oxide heterostructures - A new frontier of condensed mater physics   B5-BF 13:30〜18:00            
"HIDEMITSU AOKI Memorial Symposium- The forefront of Solid-Liquid interface phenomena - Hosted by Nano Interface Control Electrochemical (NICE),Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP)"     K1-KD 9:00〜12:10          
X線・放射光による埋もれた界面の構造計測     C1-CA 9:00〜12:20 C1-CA 13:30〜16:50        
International Collaboration in Nanoelectronics Research     K1-KA 9:30〜12:45          
Progress and challenges of fabrication process for CIGS solar cell     B5-BN 10:00〜11:50 B5-BN 13:30〜16:50        
Science and utilization on shock phenomena,projected by the research group on shock phenomena and their application       K2-KU 12:50〜17:15        
Frontiers of two-dimensional radiation detectors       E3-EA 13:00〜17:00        
Current status and future prospects of graphene epitaxy       B5-BM 13:00〜17:00        
Recent progress on large-capacity optical-fiber transmission and related technologies- Is 100 Tbit/s transmission possible? -       K1-KB 13:00〜17:00        
Gravity Application Research       K2-KM 13:00〜17:05        
Frontiers in the study of biological responses to electromagnetic fields - from visual sensation to cellular and molecular levels-       B5-BR 13:00〜17:10        
Career design through activities in academic society -- Chance to find friends, new research topic and jumping chance       K1-KL 13:00〜17:20        
Lead-free piezoelectric materials; technical survey and their applications       K1-KD 13:00〜17:20        
New Forms of Renewable Energy and Energy Networking - Role of Applied Physics in Exploring Novel Possibilities -       B5-BT 13:00〜17:25        
Ultralow-power devices and its interaction with circuits and applications       K1-KC 13:00〜17:50        
Opening up a new world of crystalline silicon for PVs       B5-BK 13:00〜17:50        
Stochastic entrainment phenomena on electronic materials, devices, and systems       B5-BG 13:00〜17:55        
How do you educate interest of physics to students?‐Mainly the lecture of the environment and energy‐       E3-EB 13:30〜17:15        
Integration of diverse functionalities:challenges and opportunities in integrating MEMS and LSI       B5-BV 13:30〜17:45        
Frontier of polarization-reversal research at 50th anniversary of nonlinear optics       B5-BF 13:30〜18:00        
"Plasma Electronics Symposium:Plasma Technology for Creating the Future -Future Perspective of Plasma Process Technology through Plasma Map-"       B5-BS 13:30〜17:55        
Raman microscopy opening up new science and technology         B5-BQ 10:00〜11:40 B5-BQ 13:00〜16:00    
Progress in Polarization technology for Lightwave Sensing Technology           B5-BJ 13:00〜16:55    
Advanced Glass Materials; rare-earth photonics and sustainable applications           B5-BL 13:00〜17:10    
Combined top-down and bottom-up approach: a breakthrough in quantum-nanostructure fabrication processes and devices           B5-BN 13:00〜17:35    
Next-generation advanced analytical instruments boosted by superconducting detectors           C5-CE 13:00〜17:55    
Control of Physical Properties of Semiconductors with Intentional Doping of Functional Impurities and Its Device Application: Silicon technologies of 21st century for low CO2-gas-emission           K1-KL 13:15〜17:05    
Recent Development of Terahertz Devices           B5-BX 13:20〜16:50    
Nanophotonics, Nanoelectronics and their Impacts to Innovations in Information Systems           B5-BE 13:30〜17:15