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Mar. 30 (Fri.)
New development: Innovation of superconductive material technology and the new front of power and magnetic field applications D“-SQ@10:00`11:45 D“-SQ@13:15`17:30
Developing Systems for Human Identification based on Optics and Imaging Technologies; organized by Research Group on Emerging Systems for Imaging D“-SB@13:00`17:00
Recent progress on optical devices and components for the next generation photonic network systems E“-ZQ@13:00`17:50
Electromagnetic Metamaterials D“-ZW@13:00`17:15
New development: Innovation of superconductive material technology and the new front of power and magnetic field applications E“-ZS@13:00`17:15
Science and applications of extreme high vacuum technique D“-ZX@13:00`17:20
Metrology and Characterization in Semiconductor Technology E“-ZG@13:00`17:20
Multinary Compounds and Related Nanotechnologies E“-W@13:00`17:30
Toward Perfect SiC Crystals - at the Dawn of SiC Power Devices E“-ZC@13:00`17:35
Terahertz wave components - fundamentals and applications E“-ZL@13:00`17:45
Science of Reliability from SiON to High-k E“-ZH@13:00`17:20
Start and Evolution of Plasmaphotonics D“-SN@14:00`17:00
"Present state of organic semiconductor thin film crystals: epitaxial growth mechanisms and crystal quality" planed by JSPS 161 committee E“-W@13:00`16:20
Recent Development and Application in Spectroscopic Sensing Technology F“-R@13:00`17:00
Recent Topics on Optics-Photonics Design and Fabrication - Selected Papers from International Conference : ODF'06 - F“-H@13:00`17:40
Prospect of spectroscopic superconducting detectors for electromagnetic waves, x-rays, and biomolecules D“-SL@13:00`17:40
Researach funding to improve Japan, The Symposium by the Committie for Diversity Promotion E“-ZJ@13:00`17:30
Polarization-reversed optical devices in step with times E“-ZS@13:00`17:55
New trends in SPM imaging and measurement in liquid environment E“-ZG@13:00`17:55
Technology Evolution for Silicon Nano-Electronics - Variability and Nanodevice Integrity E“-ZQ@13:30`16:55
Refresh Science Classroom" holding during 10 years : execution and problem F“-M@13:30`17:00
Plasma processing of organic materials for reduction of excess dissociation and process damage E“-ZC@13:30`16:55
Considering physical phenomena in nanophotonics D“-ZX@13:30`17:15
Serendipity in disordered-materials photoelectronics D“-ZW@13:30`17:20
Innovation of crystalline silicon for photo voltaic organized be JSPS 145, 161, 175 committees E“-ZG@9:15`12:25 E“-ZG@13:25`17:05
Practical Applications of Self-Assembled Molecular Layer and Their Problems to be Solved D“-SR@9:30`12:05 D“-SR@13:15`17:00
Vibrational spectroscopy for exploring the signature of biological functions F“-R@10:00`11:40 F“-R@13:00`16:25
Exploration of ZnO-Based Electronics E“-ZC@10:00`11:45 E“-ZC@13:15`17:45
Progressive research of optical characterization in the high performance of white light-emitting diodes E“-ZM@13:00`16:50
Application of shock phenomena F“-A@13:00`17:15
Spin injection into various materials and related phenomena E“-ZT@13:10`17:30
"Energy Technology in the Future" Commemoration symposium of Energy and environment study group establishment E“-ZK@13:30`16:20
Geometrical Engineering for Organic Electronics E“-V@13:30`17:15
Application of Synchrotron Radiation to Crystal Science and Technology E“-W@13:35`17:20
Traceability of radioactivity and quantitativity of PET F“-B@9:35`12:00