Mar. 22 (Wed.)
Mar. 23 (Thu.)
Mar. 24 (Fri.)
Mar. 25 (Sat.)
Mar. 26 (Sun.)
Modeling and Simulation of Semiconductor Processes, Devices, and Circuits 7-ZA 10:00〜11:45 7-ZA 13:00〜16:35                
The analytical instruments using vacuum system - mass spectrometers   7-T 13:00〜16:50                
Studies on Carbon Nanotubes as Nanoscience   6-ZK 13:00〜17:20                
Introduction to "Applied Physics and Manufacturing, for a closer connection with the industrial world"   6-ZG 13:30〜16:35                
Optical Interconnection -Exploring possibilities from Mobile to Super Computer applications -       3-ZN 13:00〜17:05            
Optical Technology and Management of Technology(II) -Aiming to recover international competitiveness-       6-ZF 13:00〜17:20            
Roadmap of Scanning Probe Microscopy       6-ZK 13:00〜17:35            
Fusion of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology for Advanced Electronic Devices       6-ZG 13:00〜17:45            
Frontiers of Spintronics Devices       3-ZM 13:10〜17:30            
The present state and tendency of phisics education in foreign countries -What is the role of international conferences?-       8-A 13:30〜16:40            
New Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Radiation Dosimetry System DS02 and
Technology for Environmental Radioactivity Measurement
      8-B 13:30〜17:10            
Twentieth anniversary of high-temperature superconductivity. Frontiers of the research and development       6-ZE 13:30〜18:00            
New Trends in Spectroscopical Sensing Methods for Organic and Biological Molecules: Terahertz and Surface-wave
        5-ZL 9:00〜12:35 5-ZL 13:50〜17:20        
High-velocity impact phenomena and materials processing           8-A 13:00〜16:50        
On the diversity of R&D environment and evaluation: The present status and challenges in corporations           3-ZQ 13:00〜17:00        
Lightwave sensing using the advantages of optical spectra           7-ZD 13:00〜17:00        
Si light emitter           8-D 13:30〜17:25        
Organization of organic opto-electronic functional materials toward versatile control of lightwaves           3-ZP 13:00〜17:25        
Joint Symposium with Materials Science and Crystal Technology Division and
Silicon Technology Division "Crystal, Process and Device Technologies
for High Speed and Low Power Transistors"
          6-ZF 13:00〜17:50        
Expanding applications of polarization-reversed optical devices           6-ZK 13:00〜18:15        
Recent developements in photo-electronics of disordered materials           3-ZM 13:30〜17:00        
Vision and Proposal for JSAP Contribution to Realizing Sustainable Society through Energy Device Innovation           8-C 13:00〜17:25        
53.1 酸化亜鉛薄膜における次元制御による物性設計           6-ZG 13:30〜17:30        
Present Status and Prospect of Meter-scale Large-Area Plasma Processes           6-ZE 13:30〜17:35        
Present Status and Problems in Bulk Crystalline Si Solar Cells             6-ZF 9:00〜12:15 6-ZF 13:15〜17:45    
The Future of Nano-processing by Excitations               8-C 13:00〜17:45    
The world of life we can watch and we want to observe. Life science measurement · Possibility of SPM               6-ZK 13:00〜18:00    
Towards a Real Device-Function Manifested from Localized Photons and Electrons Cooperating on a Nanometer Scale               5-ZL 13:30〜18:00    
Memorial lecture by the winner of the 2005 Optics Prize for Excellent Papers         5-ZL 13:45〜15:05