Joint Session
Joint Session D: Fundamental Science of Plasma CVD and Its Application
August 29 (Tue.) 9:30`16:45
29a-X-@/ I,II
  1 Nucleation of Microcrystalline Silicon (ƒΚc-Si:H) in the Initial Stage of VHF-ICP Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Hiroshima University.@*T.Karakawa, S.Higashi, H.Murakami and S.Miyazaki
  2 Measurement of ion energy distribution in a multi hollow discharge AIST Research center for photovoltaics@Nunomura Shota, Kondo Michio
’ 3 Substrate Surface Temperature Dependence of ƒΚc-Si Film Characteristics in Surface Wave Plasma CVD Nagoya Univ. 1@*Okayasu Takafumi 1,Takanishi Yudai 1,Toyoda Hirotaka 1,Sugai Hideo 1
  4 High Speed and High Quality Microcrystalline Silicon Film Deposition by Liner VHF Plasma Source Advanced Technology Research Center, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. 1@*Atsuhiro Iyomasa 1,Saneyuki Goya 1,Toshiya Watanabe 1,Hideo Yamakoshi 1,Satoshi Sakai 1,Koji Satake 1
  5 High rate deposition of microcrystalline silicon film by using atmospheric pressure plasma chemical vapor deposition Osaka Univ. 1@*Kuwahara Yasuhito 1, Inuzuka Ryohei 1, Ohmi Hiromasa 1, Kakiuchi Hiroaki 1, Yasutake Kiyoshi 1
  6 Stability against light exposure of a-Si:H films deposited using a combinatorial method Kyushu@Univ. 1@*Koga Kazunori 1, Nakamura William 1, Genot Anthony 1, Shiratani Masaharu 1
    Break 11:00`11:15
’ 7 Room Temperature and High Rate Synthesis of Nano Silicon Particles Using Pulse Modulated UHF SiH4/H2 Plasma (V) Nagoya Univ. 1,NIMS 2@*Ito Yu 1,Takahashi Eiji 1,Chikyow Toyohiro 2,Hori Masaru 1
  8 Characterization of Epitaxial Si Films Growth at Low Temperature by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma CVD Osaka Univ. 1@*Naotaka Tawara 1. Hiromasa Ohmi 1. Yoshikazu Terai 1. Hiroaki Kakiuchi 1. Heiji Watanabe 1. Yasufumi Fujiwara 1. Kiyoshi Yasutake 1
  9 Effects of plasma power on depositions of nc-SiC:H films by VHF PECVD Tokyo Inst. of Tech 1,Tokyo Inst. of Tech 2@*Sawamura Makoto 1,Shinsuke Miyajima 1,Yamada Akira 2,Konagai Makoto 1
  10 Deposition mechanism of nc-SiC:H films at low substrate temperatures Tokyo Inst. of Tech 1, Tokyo Inst. of Tech 2@*Shinsuke Miyajima 1, Sawamura Makoto 1, Yamada Akira 2, Konagai Makoto 1
  11 Deposition of a-SiN:H films with SiH4+N2 gas mixture by quarter-wavelength(ƒΙ) matched VHF-PECVD Tokyo Polytechnic Univ. 1, A.S.K. 2@*Kobayashi Shin-ichi 1, Yabumoto Mitsuhiro 1, Ueno Yasuyuki 1, Aoki Takeshi 1, Kobayashi Hiroaki 2, Asakawa Toshifumi 2
    Lunch 12:30`13:30
29p-X-@/ I,II
’ 1 Deposition of SiGe Film by Surface Wave Excited SiH4/GeH4/H2 Plasma Nagoya Univ.@*Takanishi Yudai 1,Okayasu Takahumi 1,Toyoda Hirotaka 1,Sugai Hideo 1
  2 Formation oh Highly-Crystallized Ge:H Films from VHF Inductively-Coupled Plasma of GeH4 Grad.School of ADSM,Hiroshima Univ.,@*Sakata Tsutomu 1, Makihara Katsunori 1, Higashi Seiichirou 1,Miyazaki Seiichi 1
  3 Molecular dynamics simulation of hydrogen abstraction in plasma CVD of microcrystalline SiGe thin films Osaka Univ. 1@Matsukuma Masaaki 1, Hamaguchi Satoshi 1
  4 Structural and electrical properties of SiOCH films deposited using various gases at low temperature Osaka Univ. 1@*Yamaoka Keisuke 1, Tsukiyama Daisuke 1, Yoshizako Yuji 1, Terai Yoshikazu 1, Fujiwara Yasufumi 1
’ 5 Low-temperature growth of sp3-bonded 5H-BN microcone electron-emitters in laser-assisted plasma CVD NIMS 1,Hosei Univ. 2@Tanaka Hironori 2, Komatsu Shojiro 1, Kazami Daisuke 2, Nagata Takahiro 1, Moriyoshi Yusuke 2, Okada Katsuyuki 1
’ 6 Growth control of sp3-bonded 5H-BN microcone electron-emitters : the control of their distribution NIMS 1,Hosei Univ. 2 ,Waseda Univ. 3@Sato Yuhei 2, Komatsu Shojiro 1, Kazami Daisuke 2, Tanaka Hironori 2, Edura Tomohiko 3, Tsutsui Ken 3, Yamada Keisaku 3, Chikyo Toyohiro 1, Moriyoshi Yusuke 2@
  7 Localized electron conduction in sp3-bonded 5H-BN microcones observed by an atomic force microscope NIMS 1,Hosei Univ. 2@Komatsu Shojiro 1, Tanaka Hironori 2, Arisawa Shuniti 1, Sato Yuhei 2, Moriyoshi Yusuke 2
    Break 15:15`15:30
  8 Electron field emission of sp3-bonded 5H-BN microcones at an atmospheric pressure Natl Inst for Mat. Sci. 1, Hosei Univ. 2, Ricoh Japa 3@Komatsu Shojiro 1, Tanaka Hironori 2, Ohta Eiichi 3, Moriyoshi Yusuke 2
’ 9 Effects of dynamic gas composition control on cBN nucleation and growth in ICP-CVD The Univ. of Tokyo 1@*Kenji Nose 1, Tokura Yuki 1, Nakamura Keisuke 1, Yoshida Toyonobu 1
  10 Dependence of the deposition of amorphous carbon film on substrate temperatures Dep. of EEE Nagasaki Univ. 1, Graduate School of Sci. and Technol. Nagasaki Univ. 2, Toyo Advanced Technologies Co. Ltd. 3@*Shinohara Masanori 1, Matsuda Yoshinobu 1, Fujiyama Hiroshi 2, Nakatani Tatsuyuki 2,3, Okamoto Keishi 3
  11 Hydrogen-Diuted Methane Plasma Gas-Substrate Interaction and Carbon Clusters Formation by CVD-FIM @Nagasaki Inst. of Applied Sci.@*Okuno Kimio, Riu Rai
’ 12 Growth of giant spherical carbon particles by the low pressure plasma CVD II Kyusyu Kyoritsu Univ. 1 @*Z.B.Feng 1,Akihiko Kono 1,Tatsuzo Nagai 1,Fumiya Shoji 1
Joint Session E: Spintoronics and Nanomagnetics
August 29 (Tue.) 10:00`17:30
29a-ZK-@/ I,III
  1 Effect of light illumination on magnetism in ZnCrTe ISEL,TITech. 1,Inst.Mater.Sci.,U.Tsukuba 2@Kobayashi Hiroko 1,Kondo Tsuyoshi 2,Munekata Hiro 3,Nishizawa Nozomi 4,Kuroda Shinzi 5,Takita Koki 6
’ 2 Inhomogeneous Cr distribution in iodine-doped (Zn,Cr)Te and correlation with ferromagnetic properties Inst.Mater.Sci.,Univ.Tsukuba 1,NIMS 2, Polish Academy of Sci. 3@*Nozomi Nishizawa 1,Shinji Kuroda 1,Koki Takita 1, Masanori Mitome 2, Yoshio Bando 2, Tomasz Dietl 3
  3 Growth and Tunneling Spectroscopy on Fully Epitaxial Fe/ZnTe/InAs Tunnel Diodes Nanoelectronics, AIST 1@*Saito Hidekazu 1, Yuasa Sinji 1, Ando Koji 1
  4 Growth of highly-oriented ƒΏ-Fe on Si(111) by MBE using AlN or SiC intermediate layer. Inst. of Appl. Phys, Univ. of Tsukuba 1@*Kimiaki Yamaguchi 1, Takashi Suemasu 1
  5 Conduction mechanism characterization of C60-Co nano-composites devices Osaka Univ. 1@*Miwa Shinji 1, Nishioka Shingo 1, Ohta Kenta 1, Mizuguchi Masaki 1, Shinjo Teruya 1, Suzuki Yoshishige 1, Shiraishi Masashi 1
    Break 11:15`11:30
  6 Imaging of magnetic-field-induced strains by scanning probe microscopy Advanced Research Lab., Hitachi, Ltd.@Takata Keiji 1
’ 7 Effect of the magnetization reversal process with different inner diameter in ferromagnetic ring array Tohoku univ. 1, CREST JST. 2,@*Toyoda Kazuya 1,Miyawaki1 Tetsuya 1,Kohda Makoto 1,Fujita Asaya 1,Nitta Jyunsaku 1,2
’ 8 Magnetostatic interaction between top and bottom ferromagnetic layers in Fe/Au/Fe trilayer ring structures Tohoku Univ. 1, CREST JST 2@*Miyawaki Tetsuya 1, Takagi Ken 1, Kohda Makoto 1, Fujita Asaya 1, Nitta Junsaku 1,2
’ 9 Rectifying effect of microwave current in single magnetic nanowire and nanodot Keio Univ. 1, Kyoto Univ. 2, Osaka Univ. 3, AIST 4@Yamaguchi Akinobu 1, Miyajima Hideki 1, Ono Teruo 2, Suzuki Yoshishige 3, Yuasa Shinji 4
’ 10 The measurement of spin-diffusion length in ferromagnetic metal with ferromagnetic resonance Tohoku Univ. 1@*Yakata Satoshi 1,Ando Yasuo 1,Oogane Mikihiko 1,Miyazaki Terunobu 1
  11 Damping constant of CoFeB alloy thin films Tohoku Univ. 1@*Oogane Mikihiko 1, Watanebe Miho 1, Yakata Satoshi1, Ando Yasuo 1, Miyazaki Terunobu 1
    Lunch 13:00`14:00
29p-ZK-@/ I,III
  1 High-frequency noise properties of magnetic tunnel junctions and spin dynamics Osaka Univ. 1, AIST 2, Canon ANELVA 3@*Mizuguchi Masaki 1,Fukushima Akio 2, Kubota Hitoshi 2, Yuasa Shinji 2, Maehara Hiroki 3, Tsunekawa Koji 3, Djayaprawira David 3, Watanabe Naoki 3, Suzuki Yoshishige 1,2
  2 Thermal stability dependence of spin transfer switching in MgO magnetic tunnel junctions. Fujitsu Lab.@*Ashida Hiroshi 1,Umehara Shinjiro 1,Ochiai Takao 1,Sato Masashige 1,Shimizu Yutaka 1
  3 Improvement of thermal stability of MTJs with SiN protective film deposited by HDP CVD NEC 1,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2@Suemitsu Katsumi 1,Kawano Yuichi 2,Utsumi Hiroaki 1,Nohisa Tatsuhiko 2,Ohshima Norikazu 1,Shimazu Tadashi 2,Inoue Masahiko 2,Hada Hiromitsu 1
  4 Magnetoresistance Effect in Magnetic Tunnle Junctions with Co2FeAlxSi1-x Full-Heusler Electrods Tohoku Univ. 1, CREST-JST 2, Kojyundo Chem. Lab. Co. Ltd. 3, NIMS 4@*Nobuki Tezuka 1,2, Naomichi Ikeda 1, Aya Miyazaki 1, Maki Kikuchi 3, Satoshi Sugimoto 1, Koichiro Inomata 2,4
’ 5 Fabrication of exchange-biased epitaxial MTJs with a Co2Cr0.6Fe0.4Al thin film and a MgO tunnel barrier Division of Electronics for Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido Univ.@*Takayuki Ishikawa 1, Takao Marukame 1, Shinya Hakamata 1, Ken-ichi Matsuda 1, Tetsuya Uemura 1, Masafumi Yamamoto 1
’ 6 Spin-dependent conductance characteristics of epitaxial MTJs with a Co2MnSi thin film Hokkaido Univ. Graduate School of Information Science and Technology 1@*Marukame Takao 1, Ishikawa Takayuki 1, Higen Kijima 1, Matsuda Ken-ichi 1, Uemura Tetsuya 1, Yamamoto Masafumi 1
  7 First-principles calculation on TMR of magnetic tunnel junction by Co-based full Heusler alloys Tohoku Univ. 1@*Yoshio Miura 1, Yoshihiro Oba 1, Kazutaka Nagao 1, Masafumi Shirai 1
    Break 15:45`16:00
  8 Bottom Fe layer thickness dependence of TMR ratio in Fe/MgO/Fe tunnel junctions grown on Cr(001) buffer layer CREST-JST 1, Tohoku Univ. 2, NIMS 3@*Niizeki Tomohiko 1, Tezuka Nobuki 1,2, Inomata Koichiro 1,3
  9 Differential Conductance Measurement of CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunnel junctions Osaka Univ. 1, AIST 2, Canon ANELVA 3@*Nishioka Shingo 1, Matsumoto Rie 1, Tomita Hiroyuki 1, Mizuguchi Masaki 1, Shiraishi Masashi 1, Fukushima Akio 2, Kubota Hitoshi 2, Nagahama Taro 2, Yuasa Shinji 2, Maehara Hiroki 3, Nagamine Yoshinori 3, Tsunekawa Koji 3, David D. Djayaprawira 3 1, Watanabe Naoki 3, Suzuki Yoshishige 1 2
  10 Effect of CoFeB electrode composition on magnetic tunnel junction with MgO tunnel barrier RIEC, Tohoku Univ. 1, Hitachi ARL 2@Young Min Lee 1, Shoji Ikeda 1, Jun Hayakawa 2,1, Fumihiro Matsukura 1, and Hideo Ohno 1
  11 Current-induced magnetization switching in MgO barrier based MTJs with CoFeB/Ru/CoFeB free layers RIEC, Tohoku University 1, Hitachi Ltd., ARL 2,@Shoji Ikeda 1,Jun Hayakawa 2,1, ,Young Min Lee 1, Ryutaro Sasaki 1, Fumihiro Matsukura 1, Toshiyasu Meguro 1,and Hideo Ohno 1
  12 Free layer materials and thickness dependence of spin-transfer switching in MTJs with MgO barrier Tohoku Univ. 1@*Watanabe Daisuke 1,Daibou Tadaomi 1,Oogane Mikihiko 1,Andou Yasuo 1,Miyazaki Terunobu 1
  13 Investigation on deposition condition of MgO tunneling barrier in CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB MTJs. Tohoku Univ. 1, ULVAC 2, RIEC, Tohoku Univ.3@*Daibou Tadaomi 1, Ono Kazunaga 2,3, Oogane Mikihiko 1, Ando Yasuo 1, Miyazaki Terunobu 1
Joint Session E: Spintoronics and Nanomagnetics
August 30 (Wed.) 9:15`12:00
30a-ZK-@/ I,III
  1 Crystal structure and electrical characteristics of Ga1-xMnxAs grown by MBE Miyazaki Univ.1@Shintaro Yasuda 1,Eitaro Kurokawa 1,Kouki Nagata 1,Kouji Maeda 1,Masashi Ozeki 1
  2 Atomic layer epitaxy of GaMnAs on GaAs(001) Miyazaki Univ. 1@*Fujita Akira 1,Haraguchi Tomohiro 1,Ozeki Masashi 1
  3 The strain effects in spin-related transport properties of ferromagnetic GaMnAs Waseda Univ. 1, NTT BRL. 2@The strain effects in spin-related transport properties of ferromagnetic GaMnAs
  4 Low temperature thermal annealing effect on the properties of Zn-doped ferromagnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn)As epitaxial films Nagaoka Univ. of Tech 1@Hisayuki Nakagawa 1, Joel T Asubar 1, Yoshio Jinbo 1, Naotaka Uchitomi 1
  5 Dynamic Observation of Magnetic Domain Structures of Epitaxial MnAs Films SYNAF-AIST@Manago Takashi 1, Akinaga Hiroyuki 1
    Break 10:30`10:45
  6 Current-induced and magnetic field-induced domain wall motion in (Ga,Mn)As RIEC Tohoku Univ. 1, ERATO JST 2, IFPAN 3 @Yamanouchi Michihiko 1,2, Chiba Daichi 2,1, Dietl Tomasz 3,2,1, Matsukura Fumihiro 1,2, Ohno Hideo 1,2
’ 7 Electric-field control of magnetic anisotropy in (In,Mn)As RIEC Tohoku Univ. 1, ERATO JST 2@*Nishitani Yu 1, Chiba Daichi 2,1, Matsukura Fumihiro 1,2, Ohno Hideo 1,2
  8 Properties of (Ga, Mn)As field-effect transistor structures (3) –Mechanism of coercivity modulation– ERATO JST 1, RIEC Tohoku Univ. 2@D. Chiba 1,2, F. Matsukura 2,1 H. Ohno 2,1
’ 9 Quantum-size effect and tunneling magnetoresistance in GaMnAs quantum-well heterostructures Dept. of Electronic Eng., The Univ. of Tokyo 1, and SORST-JST 2@*Shinobu Ohya 1, Pham Nam Hai 1, Yosuke Mizuno 1, Masaaki Tanaka 1,2
’ 10 Barrier thickness dependence of TMR in MTJs consisting of MnAs thin film / GaAs / AlAs / MnAs nanoclusters U. Tokyo Dept. of Elec. Eng. 1, SORST-JST 2 @Pham NamHai 1, Masafumi Yokoyama 1, Shinobu Ohya 1, Masaaki Tanaka 12
Joint Session E: Spintoronics and Nanomagnetics
August 31 (Thu.) 9:00`18:05
31a-ZK-@/ I,III
  1 Spin separation and spin Hall effect in ballistic quantum wires Grad. Sch. of Eng. Sci., Osaka Univ.@Kiminori Hattori 1, Hiroaki Okamoto 1
  2 Gap-mediated magnetization in pseudo-one-dimensional spin-orbit systems Univ. Tokyo 1, Yokohama Nat'l Univ. 2, NIFS 3@Naomichi Hatano 1, Ryoen Shirasaki 2, Hiroaki Nakamura 3
  3 Localized spins in Be/Si pair delta-doped GaAs structures Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology@Noh Jungpil, Otsuka Nobuo
’ 4 Gate controlled crossover from weak localization to weak anti-localization in InP/In0.8Ga0.2As/ In0.52Al0.48As 2DEG Tohoku Univ. 1, CREST JST 2,@*Nihei Takayuki 1,Kohda Makoto 1, Nitta Junsaku 1,2
  5 Dependency of spin-orbit interaction in InAs HEMT on electric field perpendicular to the channe Hokkaido Univ.1, Univ. Michigan2@*Takashi Matsuda1, Keita Konishi2, Alexanru Riposan3, Joanna M.Millunchick3, Kanji Yoh1
    Break 10:15`10:30
  6 Electronic structures and magnetic properties of dilute magnetic semiconductors from LDA+SIC calculations ISIR, Osaka Univ. 1, Dept. of Phys., Osaka Univ. 2@*Masayuki Toyoda 1, Hisazumi Akai 2, Kazunori Sato 1, Hiroshi Katayama-Yoshida 1
  7 Ab initio Design of Fabrication Process and Shape Control of Tera-bit-density Nano-magnets in Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors by Self-organized Two-dimensional Spinodal Decomposition ISIR Osaka Univ. 1,
Institut fuer Festkoerperforschung, Forschungszentrum Juelich 2@*Tetsuya Fukushima 1, Kazunori Sato 1, Hiroshi Katayama-Yoshida 1,
Peter H. Dederichs 2
  8 Correlation of crystal structure and ferromagnetism in ferromagnetic semiconductor Ge1-xFex Dept. of Electronic Eng., Univ. of Tokyo 1, SORST, JST 2, ISEL, Tokyo Inst. Tech. 3 @*Shuto Yusuke 1, Tanaka Masaaki 1,2, Sugahara Satoshi 3
’ 9 Epitaxial growth of segregation-free Ge1-xMnx thin films by growth-rate-controlled MBE technique and their magnetism Dept. of Electronic Eng., Univ. of Tokyo. 1, SORST, JST 2, ISEL, Tokuo Inst. Tech. 3@Yada Shinsuke 1, Tanaka Masaaki 1,2, Sugahara Satoshi 3
  10 Magneto-transport properties of carbon-incorporated manganese silicide NRI-AIST 1, JASRI 2@*Takano Fumiyoshi 1, Wang Wenhong 1, Ofuchi Hironori 2, Akinaga Hiroyuki 1
  11 Improvements of the dielectric properties of magnetic semiconductor Si:Ce based MIS capacitor Osaka Pref. Univ. 1@*Shindo Daisuke 1, Nishijima Masanori 1, Yoshimura Takeshi 1, Fujimura Norifumi 1
  12 Effects of carrier concentration on the magnetic and magneto-transport properties of Si:Ce thin films Osaka Pref. Univ. 1@*Takemi Terao 1, Yoshihiro Nishimura 1, Norifumi Fujimura 1
    Lunch 12:15`13:15
31p-ZK-@/ I,III
  1 Dependence of carrier concentration and magnetic property on Pb composition in (Ge1-yPby)1-xMnxTe Yamaguchi Univ.1,Alabama Univ.2@D.Kitabori 1, Y.Fukuma 2, H.Asada 1, T.Koyanagi 1
  2 Fluorescence EXAFS analysis on SiC-Mn compounds synthesized using an annealing method JASRI 1, SYNAF-AIST 2@*Ofuchi Hironori 1, Wang Wenhong 2, Takano Fumiyoshi 2, Akinaga Hiroyuki2
  3 The effect of co-doping in (Ga,Cr)N Tohoku Univ. RIEC 1@*Nakano Tatsuya 1,Shirai Masafumi 1,Miura Yoshio 1,Nagao Kazutaka 1
  4 Surface structure of Mn deposited on GaN films NIMS@*Adachi Yutaka 1, Ohashi Naoki 1, Sakaguchi Isao 1, Hishita Shunichi 1, Haneda Hajime 1
  5 MBE growth and characterization of cubic GaCrN on MgO substrate (3) Osaka Univ. ISIR.1, JASRI.2@Shigeya Kimura 1, Shuichi Emura 1, Yi Kai Zhou 1, Sung Woo Choi 1, Subashchandran Shanthi 1, Hironori Ofuchi 2, Shigehiko Hasegawa 1 and Hajime Asahi 1
  6 Physical properties of GaN based diluted magnetic semiconductors grown by low temperature (2)
Osaka Univ. ISIR@Y. K. Zhou, S. W. Choi, S. Kimura, M. Funakoshi, S. Shanthi, S. Emura, S. Hasegawa, H. Asahi
  7 Magnetic property of GaGdN/GaN superlattice structures Osaka Univ.ISIR@S.W. Choi, *Y.K. Zhou, S. Kimura, M. Funakoshi, S. Emura, S. Hasegawa and H. Asahi
  8 Current-Voltage characteristics of GaCrN/AlN/GaCrN trilayer structures Osaka Univ. ISIR@M. Funakoshi, ›Y.K. Zhou , M.S. Kim, S. Kimura, S. Emura, S. Hasegawa, and H. Asahi
    Break 15:15`15:30
  9   @
’ 10 Photo-irradiation effect of magnetotransport property for room-temperature ferromagnetic oxide semiconductor Ti1-xCoxO2-ƒΒ IMR Tohoku Univ. 1@*Toyosaki Hidemi 1, Fukumura Tomoteru 1, Ueno Kazunori 1, Nakano Masaki 1, Yamasaki Takashi 1, Kawasaki Masashi 1
’ 11 Anomalous Hall Effect of Anatase Ti1-xCoxO2-\delta
IMR, Tohoku Univ. 1@*Kazunori Ueno 1, Hidemi Toyosaki 1, Masaki Nakano 1, Tomoteru Fukumura 1, Masashi Kawasaki 1
  12 L-edge XAS and XMCD of (Fe,Co)xNbyTiO2 Univ.Tokyo 1, Tokyo Inst. Tech. 2 , KAST 3@Shimada Toshihiro 1,3, Abe Hitoshi 1, Nogawa Hiroyuki 1, Ohtomo Manabu 1, Shimizu Ryota 1, Amemiya Kenta 1, Inaba Kazuhisa 2,3, Hirose Yasushi 3, Furubayashi Yutaka 3, Hitosugi Taro 1,3, Hasegawa Tetsuya 1,3
’ 13 Direct observation of magnetic domain structures on the La0.6Sr0.4MnO3 nanostructures using photoelectron emission microscope The Univ. of Tokyo 1, KEK 2, Okayama Univ. 3, ISSP 4, Tohoku Univ. 5, NIMS 6@*Taniuchi Toshiyuki 1, Yasuhara Ryutaro 1, Kubota Masato 2, Kumigashira Hiroshi 1, Okazaki Hiroyuki 3, Wakita Takanori 3, Yokoya Takanori 3, Ono Kanta 2, Oshima Masaharu 1, Lippmaa Mikk 4, Kawasaki Masashi 5, Koinuma Hideomi 6
  14 Magnetic and electric properties at room temperature for epitaxial Fe-doped ITO thin films ISIR Osaka Univ. 1, KIT 2@*Takahiro Ohno 1, Toshio Kawahara 1, Masakazu Murasugi 1, Hidekazu Tanaka 1, Tomoji Kawai 1, Koichi Okada 2, Sachio Nishi 2, Shigemi Kohiki 2
£ 15 Fe3-dO4/InAs hybrid structure: structural and magnetic properties CREST-JST, RCIQE, Hokkaido Univ.@*Marhoun Ferhat 1, Kanji Yoh 1,2
  16 Construction of (Fe3-xMnx)O4 based room temperature ferromagnetic field effect device with ferroelectric gate layer Osaka Univ. 1@Mizue Ishikawa 1, *Hidekazu Tanaka 1, Tomoji Kawai 1
  17 Electrical and magnetic properties and electronic structure of Fe3-xZnxO4 thin films ISIR-Sanken,Osaka Univ. 1, JASRI/SPring-8 2@*Takaobushi Junichi 1, Tanaka Hidekazu 1, Kawai Tomoji 1, Ueda Sigenori 2, Kim Jung-Jin 2, Kobata Masaaki 2, Ikenaga Eiji 2, Kobayashi Keisuke 2
  18 Schottky barrier and spin polarization studied by (Fe,Mn)3O4/Nb:SrTiO3 contact ISIR, Osaka Univ.@Issei Satoh, Hidekazu Tanaka, Tomoji Kawai
Joint Session F: Physics and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes
August 30 (Wed.) 9:15`16:30
30a-A-@/ I,II,III
  1 Effect of Series Resistance on Field Emission Characteristics 1 Shinshu Univ.@Inagaki yuto 1, Taguchi Yoshiyuki 1, Miyazaki Kei 1, Yamakami Tomohiko 1, Hayashibe Rinpei 1, Abe Katsuya 1, *Kamimura Kiichi 1,
  2 Micro-patterning of field emission source consisting of soluble polythiophene/ SWCNT composite films Shinshu Univ 1@*Yuhei Sano 1,Eiji Itoh 1,Keiichi Miyairi 1
  3 Field-emission from titanium-coated carbon nanotubes Osaka Pref. Univ.@*Lujun Pan 1, Tomoakira Shoji 1, Yoshikazu Nakayama 1
’ 4 Field Emission Property of Carbon Nanowalls(II) Nagoya Univ. 1,KATAGIRI ENGINEEERING Co.,LTD. 2,NU Eco-Engineering Co.,LTD. 3,Meijo Univ. 4@*Obayashi Tomomi 1,Yamakawa Koji 2,Kano Hiroyuki 3,Hiramatsu Mineo 4,Hori Masaru 1
  5 Carbon nanotube emitter evaluation in SEMiIIj NRI-AIST 1,Nihon Univ. 2, 3 , Hokkaido Univ.4@*Hiroshi SUGA 1 2,Teruaki OHNO 3,Miyuki TANAKA 1,Yasushiro NISHIOKA 2, Hiroshi TOKUMOTO 4, Tetsuo SHIMIZU 1
    Break 10:30`10:45
  6 FEM Observations of Behavior of Single Nitrogen Molecule on Pentagon at Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Tip Graduate of School of Eng., Mie Univ. 1, Graduate of School of Eng., Nagoya Univ. 2@*Waki Shunsaku 1, Sato Hideki 1, Saito Yahachi 2, Hata Koichi 1
’ 7 Structure of clusters produced when carbon nanotubes evaporates Kobe Univ. 1@Masato Murakami 1, Tamio Ohata 1, Hiroshi Kinoshita 1, Nobuo Ohmae 1
  8 Scanning Atom Probe Analysis of Carbon Nano Tubes-1 Kanazawa Inst. Tech.1@Nishikawa Osamu 1, Taniguchi Masahiro 1, Hasegawa Yuuta 1, Saisho Shinnsuke 1
  9 In situ TEM Examination of Degradation of DWNTs Bundle Conductors by Excessive Current Nagoya Univ. @*Seko Kazuyuki, Suzuki Yasunobu, Okumura Kensuke, Saito Yahachi
  10 Small-Scale Batch Fabrication of Carbon Nanofiber SPM Probes Nagoya Inst. Technol 1, Olympus Co. Ltd. 2@*Tanaka Junya 1, Tanemura Masaki 1, Miao Lei 1, Kitazawa Masashi 2, Ota Ryo 2
    Lunch 12:00`13:00
30p-A-@/ I,II,III
  1 Flush discharge induced solid phase reaction of graphitic tube formation catalyzed by gallium@(II) CREST 1, Tsukuba Univ. 2, NEC 3, SIINT 4, Hyogo Univ. 5 @*Shotaro Nakazawa 1,2, Masahiko Ishida 1,3, Toshinari Ichihashi 1,3, Takashi Kaito 4, Shinji Matsui 1,4, Jun-ichi Fujita 1,2
’ 2 Analysis of Morphology in the Initial Growth of Carbon Nanowalls Using Radical Injection Plasma Enhanced CVD Nagoya Univ. 1, Katagiri Engineering Co., Ltd. 2, NU-eco Engineering Co., Ltd. 3, Meijo Univ. 4@*Kondo Shingo 1, Yamakawa Koji 2, Kawai Shinji 1, Den Shoji 2, Kano Hiroyuki 3, Hiramatsu Mineo 4, Hori Masaru 1
’ 3 Formation and Shape Control of Carbon Nanowalls on the Various Substrates Nagoya Univ. 1,KATAGIRI ENGINEEERING Co.,LTD. 2,NU Eco-Engineering Co.,LTD. 3,Meijo Univ. 4@*Maruyama Shigetoshi 1,Obayashi Tomomi 1,Sinngo Konndou 1,Yamakawa Koji 2,Kano Hiroyuki 3,Hiramatsu Mineo 4,Hori Masaru 1
  4 Surface Morphology of Carbon Nanowalls Nagoya Univ. 1, NU Eco-Engineering Co. 2, Meijo Univ. 3@*Shinji Kawai 1, Shingo Kondo 1, Hiroyuki Kano 2, Mineo Hiramatsu 3, Masaru Hori 1
’ 5 Carbon nanowall formation at low substrate temperatures with helicon wave plasma in low magnetic field Department of Electronic Engineering Tohoku Univ. 1@*Tetsuharu Morio 1,Toshiaki Kato 1,Toshiro Kaneko 1,Rikizo Hatakeyama 1
  6 Effect of DC Substrate Vias on Deposition of Carbon Nanowalls by Hot-Wire CVD Gifu Univ. 1@*Hatakeyama Yuichi 1, Shimabukuro Seiji 1, Takeuchi Masanori 1, Itoh Takashi 1, Nonomura Shuichi 1
’ 7 Analysis of Nano-Carbon Synthesized by Continuous Production Apparatus based on Arc Discharge Method Toyohashi Univ. Technol. 1, Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd. 2, A.R.V. Co.,Ltd. 3, Futaba Corporation 4@*Shinohara Kenji 1, Higashi keisuke 1, Takikawa Hirohumi 1, Yoshikawa Kazuo 2, Miura Koji 2, Natsume Shinichi 3, Ito Shigeo 4, Yamaura Tatsuo 4
’ 8 Ultradispersion of Catalystic Metal Particles on Structured Arc-Soot Toyohashi Univ. Technol. 1, Shounan Plastic Mfg Co., Ltd. 2, Futaba Corporation 3, Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd. 4@*Higashi Keisuke 1, Shinohara Kenji 1, Takikawa Hirofumi 1, Guochun Xu 2, Itoh Shigeo 3, Yamaura Tatsuo 3, Miura Koji 4, Yoshikawa Kazuo 4
    Break 15:00`15:15
  9 Ruthenium Oxide Dispersion on Arc-Soot Nanocarbon Toyohashi Univ. Technol. 1,Futaba Corporation 2,Tokai Carbon Co. Ltd. 3@›Yamamoto Masanobu 1,Higashi Keisuke 1,Shinohara Kenji 1,Oke Shinichiro 1,Takikawa Hirofumi 1,Itoh Shigeo 2,Yamaura Tatsuo 2,Miura Kouji 3,Yoshikawa Kazuo 3
  10 Growth Mechanisms of Giant Carbon Nanotube Construction –TEM Observation- Nagoya Univ. 1, Chiba Univ. 2@*Imaizumi Yoshiaki 1, Kushida Masahito 2, Fukuda Toshio 1
  11 Analysis of Iron Nanoparticles Movement in Amorphous Carbon Wall CREST JST 1, Univ. of Tsukuba 2, NEC Labs. 3, Univ. of Hyogo 4@*Koudai Higashi 1,2, Masahiko Ishida 1,3, Shinji Matsui 1,4, Jun-ich Fujita 1,2
  12 Room-temperature growth of carbon nanocomposite fibers Nagoya Inst.Technol.@Takeuchi Daiki 1,Tnemura Masaki 1,Suzuki Yosihisa 1,Miao Lei 1
£ 13 Fabrication and characterization of low density carbon aerogels Nagoya Univ. of Tech. 1, Nagoya Univ. 2@Feng Yaning 1, Miao Lei 1, Tanemura Sakae 1, Tanemura Masaki 1, Suzuki Kenji Tanemura Sakae 1, Tanemura Masaki 1, Suzuki Kenji 2
Joint Session F: Physics and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes
August 30 (Wed.) 9:00`17:30
30a-D-@/ I,II,III
  1 High-yield growth and characterizations of DWCNTs on substrates by thermal CVD Nikon@*Kikuchi Makiko 1, Taki Yusuke 1, Tanaka Akira 1
  2 Growth of SWNTs at Low Pressure (III) Riken 1,TUS 2,CREST-JST 3
@Hiroshi Yoshida 1,2, Masahiro Asakura 1,2, Takao Shiokawa 1,3, Yoshikazu Homma 2,3 Koji Ishibashi 1,3
  3 Growth rate estimation in the low pressure single-wall carbon nanotubes RIKEN 1, TUS 2, CREST-JST 3@Shiokawa Takao 1,3, Yoshida Hiroshi 1,2, Ishibashi Koji 1,3
’ 4 Directional control of Carbon nanotube growth by electric field Yokohama National Univ. 1@*Sasaki Kohsuke 1,Matsuno Naohisa 1,Ogino Toshio 1
  5 Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by an arc discharge in methanol Tokyo Univ. of Science 1@*Nishikawa Eiichi 1,Kim Yong-il 1,Shimizu Hiroshi 1,Kioka Toshihide 1
  6 Size classification of catalyst nanoparticles with an impactor and its application to carbon nanotube growth Fujitsu 1, Fujitsu Labs. 2@Sato Shintaro 1 2, Nihei Mizuhisa 1 2, Mimura Atsushi, Kawabata Akio 1 2, Kondo Daiyu 1 2, Awano Yuji 1 2
    Break 10:30`10:45
  7 Aligned single walled carbon nanotube growth using size-controlled catalysts on sapphire substrates Meiji Univ., Tokyo Univ. of Sci., NTT BRL, CREST/JST@*Yamazaki Akira 1, Takagi Daisuke 2, Suzuki Satoru 3,4, Jeong Goo-Hwan 3,4, Kobayashi Yoshihiro 3,4, Yoshimura Hideyuki 1, Homma Yoshikazu 2,4
  8 Controled-growth of carbon nanotubes by the size of catalyst Yokohama Ntional Univ.@Controled-growth of carbon nanotubes by the size of catalyst
  9 Efficient Growth of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes using Bimetallic Fe-Co Catalysts Kyoto Inst. Tech. 1, Wakayama Univ. 2@*Murakami Toshiya 1,Matsumoto Kazuyo 1, Tokuda Takahiro 1, Kisoda Kenji 2, Nishio Koji 1, Isshiki Toshiyuki 1, Harima Hiroshi 1
  10 Formation of Boron-catalysted Straight and Long Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes by Laser Vaporization Mie Univ. 1@*Matsumoto Hiroki 1,Koshio Akira 1,Kokai Fumio 1
’ 11 Automation of Catalytic CVD with Substrate for Mass Production of Carbon Nanomaterials Toyohashi Univ. Technol. 1,Toho Gas Co. Ltd. 2, Shonan Plastic MFG Co. Ltd. 3, Futaba Corporation. 4@*Yuji Hosokawa 1,Hajime Shiki 1,Hirohumi Takikawa 1,Takashi Ina 2,Guochun Xu 3,kazuki shimizu 3,Shigeo Itoh 4,Tatsuo Yamaura 4,
    Lunch 12:00`13:00
30p-D-@/ I,II,III
  1 Solubilization of Carbon Nanotubes Using Microplasma Treatment in Water@(1) Basic Characteristics Kyushu Univ.@*Imasaka Kiminobu 1, Kato Yuki 1, Suehiro Junya 1
  2 Solubilization of Carbon Nanotubes Using Microplasma Treatment in Water@(2) Infrared Absorption Spectra Kyushu Univ.@*Imasaka Kiminobu 1, Kato Yuki 1, Suehiro Junya 1
  3 Solubilization of Carbon Nanotubes Using Microplasma Treatment in Water@(3) Efficiency Improvement by O2 Gas Bubbling Kyushu Univ.@*Imasaka Kiminobu 1, Kato Yuki 1, Suehiro Junya 1
  4 Formation of Nano Interface between Water-soluble Carbon Nanotube and Bacteria Using Dielectrophoresis Kyushu Univ. 1@*Junya Suehiro 1, Akio Ohtsubo 1, Yuki Kato 1, Kiminobu Imasaka 1
  5 Reconstruction of CNT networks by Atomic Force Microscope. Yokohama National Univ. 1,CREST/JST 2@*Ikeda Takayuki 1,Ogino Toshio 1,2
  6 A molecular dynamics simulation of thermal conductivity of carbon nanotubes Kyushu Univ. 1, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu Univ. 2@*Kawamura Takahiro 1, Kangawa Yoshihiro 2, Kakimoto Koichi 2
  7 Mechanical characteristics evaluation of DLC coated carbon nanotubes by nanoprobe manipulation in TEM IIS The Univ. of Tokyo 1, Tokyo Inst. of Tech 2, Nagoya Univ.3 @*Kuzumaki Toru 1, Aihara Hirotada 2, Ohtake Naoto 3, Mitsuda Yoshitaka 1
    Break 14:45`15:00
’ 8 Healing process of plastic deformed carbon nanotubes Osaka Prefecture Univ. 1, enter for Atomic and Molecular Technologies, Osaka University 2, Osaka Univ 3, HandaiFRC 4@Hideki Mori 1, Shigenobu Ogata 2,3,4, Seiji Akita 1, and Yoshikazu Nakayama 1,4
’ 9 Relation between mechanical properties and Raman spectra of carbon nanotubes Osaka Pref. Univ. 1,Handai FRC 2,Nano Carbon Technologies 3@*Sawaya Shintaro 1,Tsukada Takayuki 3,Akita Seiji 1,Nakayama Yoshikazu 1 2
’ 10 Dielectrophoresis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in a Microchip Grad. Schl. Eng. Sci., Kyushu Univ. 1,Inst. Mater. Chem. Eng., Kyushu Univ. 2,Grad. Schl. Eng., Kyushu Univ. 3@*Masashi Shinagawa 1,Hiroki Ago 1,2,Naoki Ishigami 1,Masaharu Tsuji 1,2,Tatsuya Ikuta 3,Koji Takahashi 3
  11 Preferential removal of single-walled carbon nanotube Osaka Univ. 1, Tohoku Univ. 2, AIST 3@*Fukao Tomohiro 1, Takenobu Taishi 2, Kataura hiromichi 3, Shiraishi Masashi 1
  12 Amperometric biosensor based on SWNT-arrayed electrodes using Plasma CVD ISIR, Osaka Univ. 1, CREST/JST 2, Dept. of Quantum Eng. Nagoya Univ. 3@Jun Okuno 1 2, Kenzo Maehashi 1 2, Kazuhiko Matsumoto 1 2, Yoshihiro Kojima 3, Sigeru Kishimoto 3, Takashi.Mizutani 3
’ 13 Fabrication of micro total analysis system based on single-walled carbon nanotube array modified microelectrodes ISIR Osaka Univ. 1, CREST/JST 2, Mater. Sci. JAIST 3, PRESTO/JST 4@*Jun Okuno 1 2, Kenzo Maehashi 1 2, Kazuhiko Matsumoto 1 2, Kagan Kerman 3, Yuzuru Takamura 3 4, Eiichi Tamiya3
  14 Characterization of single-walled carbon nanotube thin-film gas sensor in a high vacuum environment Grad. Sch. Eng., Osaka Univ. 1, New Cosmos Electric 2, Res. Center for UHVEM, Osaka Univ. 3@*Wongwiriyapan Winadda 1, Ohmori Takafumi 1, Hirano Shinsuke 1, Ito Tatsuya 2, Shimazaki Ryotaro 2, Maekawa Toru 2, Suzuki Kengo 2, Ishikawa Hiroshi 2, Oura Kenjiro 3, Honda Shin-ichi 1, Katayama Mitsuhiro 1
  15 Effect of electrical double layer on biosensing using carbon nanotube field-effect transistors ISIR, Osaka Univ. 1, CREST/JST 2, Mater.Sci.JAIST 3, PRESTO/JST 4@Katsura Taiji 1 2, *Maehashi Kenzo 1 2, Matsumoto Kazuhiko 1 2, Kerman Kagan 3, Takamura Yuzuru 3 4, Tamiya Eiichi 3
  16 Development of a Gas Sensor Based on a Carbon Nanotube ∕ Polymer Composite Material Musashi Inst. of Technol. 1, Tohoku Univ. 2 @* Takamichi Hirata 1, Takeshi Kitamura 1, Masahiro Akiya 1, Rikizo Hatakeyama 2
  17 Analysis of antigen-antibody reaction on CNT-FET for quantification of biosensor Olympus Corp. 1, NEDO@2, CREST-JST@3 , Mitsubisi Kagaku Iatron Inc. 4, AIST@5, Osaka Univ. 6@Masuhiro Abe 1, 2, Katsuyuki Murata 1, 2, 3, Yasuo Ifuku 4, Mitsuaki Shimizu 5, Tatsuaki Ataka 1, 2, Kazuhiko Matsumoto 2, 3, 5, 6
Joint Session F: Physics and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes
August 31 (Thu.) 9:00`17:30
31a-D-@/ I,II,III
  1 Vertically aligned single walled carbon nanotubes in atmospheric pressure PE-CVD Tokyo Inst. of Tech.@*Nozaki Tomohiro 1, Ohnishi Kuma 1, Okazaki Ken 1
  2 Control of carbon nanotube growth by changing ion fluxes in CH4/H2 plasma Hokkaido Univ. 1, Nagoya Inst. of Technol. 2, Univ. of Tsukuba 3@*Okita Atsushi 1, Suda Yoshiyuki 1, Ozeki Atsushi 1, Oda Akinori 2, Nakamura Junji 3, Sugawara Hirotake 1, Sakai Yosuke 1
  3 Novel Techniques for Continuous Growth of Carbon Nanotube Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd. 1,
Technology Research Inst. of Osaka Pref. 2,
Kyoto Univ. 3@*Hikata Takeshi 1, Kugai Hirokazu 1, Mizukoshi Tomoyuki 2, Sakurai Yoshiaki 2, Ishigami Itsuo 2, Aoki Takaaki 3, Seki Toshio 3, Matsuo Jiro 3
  4 X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Fe Catalyst by H2 Plasma Pretreatment Hokkaido Univ. 1@Ozeki Atsushi 1,Suda Yoshiyuki 1,Okita Atsushi 1,Maekawa Masayuki 1,Sakai Yosuke 1,Sugawara Hirotake 1
  5 Influence of hydrogen reduction on CNT growth positioned by EB-CVD dots CREST JST 1, Univ. of Tsukuba 2, NEC 3, Univ. of Hyogo 4,@*Mukawa Takahito 1,2, Okada Satoshi 1,2, Kobayashi Ryota 1,2, Ishida Masahiko 1,3, Matsui Shinji 1,4, Fujita Jyun-ichi 1,2
    Break 10:15`10:30
  6 The Effect of Water in Super-Growth Chemical Vapor Deposition AIST 1, JST 2, Universite Paris-Sud 3, NEC 4@*Takeo Yamada 1, Kenji Hata 1, Alan Maigne 2,3, Masako Yudasaka 2,4, Don N. Futaba 1, Motoo Yumura 1, Sumio Iijima 1
  7 Highly Efficient, Catalyst Free, and Density Controllable SWNT Forests Synthesized From Wet Fe-Mo Nanoparticle Catalysts by Super-Growth
AIST, Hidekazu Nishino, Kenji Hata, Satoshi Yasuda, Tatsunori Namai, Don N. Futaba, Takeo Yamada,Motoo Yumura and Sumio Iijima
@*Hidekazu Nishino 1, Kenji Hata 1, Satoshi Yasuda 1, Tatsunori Namai 1, Don N. Futaba 1, Takeo Yamada 1, Motoo Yumura 1 and Sumio Iijima 1
  8 Study on the CVD growth mechanism of carbon nanotube by in situ XPS (II) NTT BRL 1, Tokyo Univ. of Science 2, CREST/JST 3 @*Fumihiko Maeda1,3, Akio Tokura1,3, Satoru Suzuki1,3, Yoshihiro Kobayashi1,3, Daisuke Takagi2,3, and Yoshikazu Homma2,3
  9 Gas analysis for high yield synthesis of single- and double- walled carbon nanotubes Grand. Schl. Eng. Sci., Kyushu Univ. 1, Inst. Mater. Chem. Eng., Kyushu Univ. 2 @*Yoshihara Naoki 1, Ago Hiroki 1.2, Uehara Naoyasu 1, Tuji Masaharu 1.2
  10 In situ Raman spectroscopy of single-walled carbon nanotube growth by CVD NTT Basic Reserch Labs. 1,Tokyo Univ. Sci. 2,CREST/JST 3@*Tazawa Masaya 2,Takagi Daisuke 2,3,Homma Yoshikazu 2,3,Suzuki Satoru 1,3,Kobayashi Yoshihiro 1,3
  11 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of production gas adsorption on multi-walled carbon nanotubes NTT BRL 1, Tokyo Univ. of Science 2, CREST/JST 3@*Tokura Akio 1,3, Maeda Fumihiko 1,3, Kobayashi Yoshihiro 1,3, Takagi Daisuke 2,3, Homma Yoshikazu 2,3
    Lunch 12:00`13:00
31p-D-@/ I,II,III
  1 Near-field nano-Raman spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes Osaka Univ. 1, RIKEN 2, CREST 3@*Taka-aki Yano 1, Yasushi Inouye 1,2,3 Satoshi Kawata 1,2,3
  2 Selective Growth and Optical Properties of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Kyoto Inst. of Tec. 1,Wakayama Univ. 2@*Kazuyo Matsumoto 1,Murakami Toshiya 1,Kisoda Kenji 2,Isshiki Toshiyuki 1,Harima Hiroshi 1
  3 Simultaneous Measurement of Raman and Photoluminescence for Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Kyoto Inst. of Tec. 1, Wakayama Univ. 2@*Tokuda Takahiro 1, Murakami Toshiya 1, Kisoda Kenji 2, Harima Hiroshi 1
  4 Photoluminescence of single-walled carbon nanotube/Carboxymethylcellulose complex film HORIBA, Ltd. 1@Yasushi Nakata 1, Yoko Shinozaki 1, Hiroshi Uchihara 1
  5 Observation of biomolecule adsorption on CNTs by liquid environment Raman spectroscopy Yokohama National University 1, CREST/JST 2@Isono Toshinari 1, Ogino Toshio 1,2
’ 6 Characteristic Investigation of DNA Encapsulated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Tohoku Univ. 1@*Okada Takeru 1,Kaneko Toshiro 2, Hatakeyama Rikizo 1
’ 7 Sensitized photoluminescence of dyes inside single wall carbon nanotube AIST-NRI 1, Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. 2@Kazuhiro Yanagi 1, Konstantin Iakoubovskii 1, Nobutsugu Minami 1, Yasumitsu Miyata 1, Yutaka Maniwa 2, Hiromichi Kataura 1
  8 Growth and characteristics of 13C enriched carbon nanotubes RIKEN 1,Chiba Univ. 2,CREST/JST 3@Ryo Hashiba 1,2,Nobuyuki Yamazaki 1,2 ,Masaki Suzuki 1,3, Tomohiro Yamaguchi 1,Koji Ishibashi 1,3,Yuichi Ochiai 2
    Break 15:00`15:15
’ 9 Synthesis of carbon nanotube by antenna-edge-type microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition with CO2 Waseda Univ. 1@*Tasuku Maki 1,Takayuki Iwasaki 1,Takumi Aikawa 1,Hiroshi Kawarada 1
’ 10 Low temperature synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanotube by radical chemical vapor deposition for LSI multilayer wiring applications Waseda Univ. 1, Selete 2@*Yokoyama Daisuke 1, Iwasaki Takayuki 1, Yoshida Tsuyoshi 1, Sato Shintaro 2, Nihei Mizuhisa 2, Awano Yuji 2, Kawarada Hiroshi 1
’ 11 Effect of the ion damage on the growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes with plasma chemical vapor deposition Department of Electronic Engineering, Tohoku Univ.@1@*Toshiaki Kato 1 and Rikizo Hatakeyama 1
’ 12 Large-area-aligned carbon nanotube growth by RF-plasma-assisted DC plasma CVD Kyoto Inst.Technol1,Nissin Electric Co.Ltd.2@*Fukumura Takuya1,Hayashi Yasuaki1,Utsunomiya Risa2
’ 13 In-site Analysis of Early Stage of Aligned Carbon Nanotube Growth by Surface-Wave-Excited Microwave-Plasma CVD Kyoto Inst. of Tech. 1@*Niwa Ryosuke 1,Hayashi Yasuaki 1
’ 14 Fabrication of Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Film Using Microwave Plasma-Enhanced CVD (II) Meijo Univ. 1,Nagoya Univ. 2@Takahiro Deguchi 1,Mineo Hiramatsu 1,Masaru Hori 2
’ 15 Contorol of carbon-nano structure by thermal decomposition on SiC Research Inst. of Electronics, Shizuoka Univ.@Yoshitaka Hashimoto 1, Guogiang Zhang 1, Atsushi Nakamura 1, Akira Tanaka 1, Jiro Temmyo 1
  16 Measurement of Raman scattering of CNTs grown on SiC by surface decomposition Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, Meijo Univ. 1 Meijo Univ. 21st CENTURY COE program gNano Factoryh 2, Japan Fine Ceramics Center 3@*Takahiro Maruyama1,2, Tomoyuki Shiraiwa1, Kenji Tanioku1, Naomi Fujita1, Shigeya Naritsuka1,2, Michiko Kusunoki3
  17 Characterization of carbon nanotubes grown by a microwave plasma vapor deposition using H2/N2 gases Nagoya Institute of Technology@*Tsunahiko Naitou 1, Akira Watanabe 1, Yasuhiko Hayashi 1, Tetsuo Soga 1, Takashi Jimbo 1
Joint Session F: Physics and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes
September 1 (Fri.) 9:00`15:15
1a-D-@/ I,II,III
’ 1 Electric properties of ion irradiated single-walled carbon nanotubes with alkali - halogen plasma Department of Electronic Engineering, Tohoku Univ. 1, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku Univ. 2@*Shishido Jun 1, Kato Toshiaki 1, Oohara Wataru 1, Hatakeyama Rikizo 1, Tohji Kazuyuki 2
  2 Diameter dependence of low-energy irradiation damage in SWNTs NTT Basic Research Laboraotories, NTT Corp. 1@*Satoru Suzuki 1, Yoshihiro Kobayashi 1
’ 3 Effects of Neutral Beam Irradiation for Carbon Nanotubes (2) Inst. of Fluid Science, Tohoku Univ. 1, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku Univ. 2, NEC 3@Okumura Keiji 1, Sato Yoshinori 2, Ishida Masahiko 3, Nihey Fumiyuki 3, Tohji Kazuyuki 2, Samukawa Seiji 1
  4 Evaluation of CNT-SETs on SiO2/GaAs substrates RIKEN 1, Tokyo Institute of Technology 2, CREST(JST) 3@*Takeo Uchida 1,2, Mitsutoshi Makihata 1,2, Satoshi Moriyama 2, Masaki Suzuki 2,3, Tomohiro Yamaguchi 1, Yoshinobu Aoyagi 1,2, Koji Ishibashi 1,3
  5 Trial for spin injection into semiconductive single-walled carbon nano-tubes Graduate School ofEngi. sci., Osaka Univ 1,AIST 2@*Tomita Haruo 1,Matsuoka Kenta 1,Nishioka Singo 1,Toda Nobuyuki 1,Ohta Kenta 1,Kataura Hiromichi 2,Mizuguchi Masaki 1,Suzuki Yoshishige 1,Shiraishi Masashi 1
’ 6 Resonant Tunneling Transistor Characteristics of SWNT by Tunneling Carrier Injection from Ferromagnetic Electrodes Osaka Univ. ISIR 1, JSPS Research Fellow 2, CREST/JST 3, AIST 4@* Kamimura Takafumi 1,2,3, Matsumoto Kazuhiko 1,3,4
    Break 10:30`10:45
£’ 7 Resonance tunneling transport properties of C60-encapsulated double-walled carbon nanotubes Tohoku Univ. 1@*Yongfeng Li 1, Rikizo Hatakeyama 1, Toshiro Kaneko 1, Takeru Okada 1, Toshiaki Kato 1
  8 Fabrication of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors with insulator (1) ISIR Osaka Univ. 1,CREST/JST 2@*Asai Yoshihiro 1,2, Ohno Yasuhide 1,2, Maehashi Kenzou 1,2, Inoue Kouiti 1,2, Matsumoto Kazuhiko 1,2
  9 Fabrication of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors with insulator (2). ISIR Osaka Univ. 1, CREST/JST 2@*Ohno Yasuhide 1,2, Asai Yoshihiro 1,2, Maehashi Kenzo 1,2, Inoue Koichi 1,2, Matsumoto Kazuhiko 1,2
  10 Electrical property measurement of carbon nanotube/metal junction using multi-terminal devices Dept. of Quantum Eng., Nagoya Univ. 1, PRESTO/JST 2, VBL, Nagoya Univ. 3, Inst. of Adv. Res., Nagoya Univ. 4 @*Yosuke Nosho 1, Yutaka Ohno 1,2, Shigeru Kishimoto 1,3, Takashi Mizutani 1,4
’ 11 Electric properties of potassium-encapsulated single-walled carbon nanotube film field effect transistors Keio Univ. 1, NTT 2, RIKEN 3@Hideyuki Maki 1, Satoru Suzuki 2, Tetsuya Sato 1, Koji Ishibashi 3
    Lunch 12:00`13:00
1p-D-@/ I,II,III
  1 FET Properties of Surface Chemically Modified Carbon Nanotubes Tohoku Univ. 1,Univ. of Tsukuba 2,Tokyo Gakugei Univ. 3,Kyoto Sangyo Univ. 4,Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. 5,JST-CREST6@*Katsumi Tanigaki 1.6,Ryotaro Kumashiro 1,Nobuya Hiroshiba 1,Hirotaka Ohashi 1,Takeshi Akasaka 2,Yutaka Maeda 3,Sinzo Suzuki 4,Yohji Achiba 5,Rikizo Hatakeyama 1
  2 Surface Potential studies of SWNTs Connected to Two Different Metallic Electrodes using KFM and AFMP Department of electronic science and engineering, Kyoto Univ. 1,International Innovation Center, Kyoto Univ. 2,CREST/JST 3@*Yuji Miyato 1,Kei Kobayashi 2,Kazumi Matsushige 1,Hirofumi Yamada 1,3
  3 Current control of SWNTs by Local Ferroelectric Polarization of P(VDF/TrFE) Thin Films II Dept. of Electronic Science and Engineering Kyoto Univ. 1, Int'l Innovation Center Kyoto Univ. 2, CREST/JST 3@Taichi Nishio 1, Yuji Miyato 1, Kei Kobayashi 2, Kazumi Matsushige 1,2,Hirofumi Yamada 1,3
  4 Study of the interface between carbon nanotube via and TiN electrodes by hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy Fujitsu Limited 1, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. Nanotechnology Research Center 2, SPring-8/JASRI 3@*Kondo Daiyu 1,2, Nihei Mizuhisa 1,2, Sato Shintaro 1,2, Kawabata Akio 1,2, Ikenaga Eiji 3, Kobata Masaaki 3, Jung-Jin Kim 3, Kobayashi Keisuke 3, Awano Yuji 1,2
  5 Doping effect on access region in short top-gate carbon nanotube FETs Dept. of Quantum Eng., Nagoya Univ. 1, PRESTO/JST 2, VBL, Nagoya Univ. 3, Inst. of Adv. Res., Nagoya Univ. 4@*Yosuke Nosho 1, Yutaka Ohno 1,2, Shigeru Kishimoto 1,3, Takashi Mizutani 1,4
  6 Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors Formed with Removing Impurities Process ISIR, Osaka Univ. 1, CREST/JST 2, Olympus Corp. 3@Nishiguchi Kohei 1, 2 , Maehashi Kenzo 1, 2, Ohno Yasuhide 1, 2, Inoue Koichi 1, 2, Matsumoto Kazuhiko 1, 2, Murata Katsuyuki 3
  7 Carbon Nanotube-Polyimide Composite Prepared through Water Solution AIST 1, Tokyo Univ. Sci. 2@*Sakakibara Youichi 1, Tachibara Ayako 2, Itoga Emiko 1, Yamashita Takashi 2
  8 Transport characteristics of CNTFET coated with polypeptide monolayer Shizuoka University 1, RIBM corporation 2@Hiroshi Koyama 1, Yukihiro Sugiyama 1,2, Masayuki Fujimoto 1
  9 High temperature Characteristic of Carbon Nanotube AIST 1, Tsukuba Univ. 2, Osaka Univ. 3, CREST/JST 4@*Masatoshi Maeda 2,4, Takafumi Kamimura 3,4, Kazuhiko Matsumoto 1,3,4
Joint Session G: Fundamentals and Applications of Quantum Information Technology
August 29 (Tue.) 13:30`17:15
29p-ZB-@/ I,III
  1 Development of a miniature ion trap using a micro fabrication technique Nagoya University 1,NICT 2, JST/CREST 3@*Mitsutoshi Aramaki 1, Masahito Yamaguchi 1,Akihiro Kono 1,Kazuhiro Hayasaka 2,3
  2 800-MHz Single-Photo Detection at 1550-nm using the Avalanche Photodiode Operated with a Sinusoidal Gating Nihon Univ. 1@*Fujii Go 1,Namekata Naoto 1,Sasamori Sinnji 1,Inoue Shuuitirou 1
  3 Nongated-mode operation of frequancy upconversion detection of communication wavelength photons NTT Basic Research Labs. 1, NTT Photonics Labs. 2@Kamada H 1, Takesue H 1, Honjo T 1, Nishida Y 2, Asobe M 2
  4 Discharge pulse counting using a cooled InGaAs APD for low-noise single-photon detection at 1550 nm AIST 1, JST-CREST 2@*Yoshizawa Akio 1 2, Odate Satoru 1 2, Tsuchida Hidemi 1 2
’ 5 All-Fiber Source of Polarization-Entangled Photon Pairs with Automatic Polarization-Drift Compensation RCAST, The Univ. of Tokyo 1@Han Chuen Lim 1, Dexiang Wang 1, Takuo Tanemura 1, Kazuhiro Katoh 1, Kazuro Kikuchi 1
  6 Generation and evaluation of quantum entangled photons in the communication wavelength band AIST 1, JST-CREST@*Satoru Odate 1,2. Akio Yoshizawa 1,2. Hidemi Tsuchida 1,2.
£ 7 Investigation of the polarization entanglement CREST.1,@Hokaido Univ.,2@Jarutis Vygandas 1, Misawa Hiroaki 1,2
    Break 15:15`15:30
  8 Requirement for laser linewidth in differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution Osaka Univ. 1, NTT Basic Research Labs. 2, JST-CREST 3@Inoue Tomohiro 1, Honjo Toshimori 2,3, *Inoue Kyo 1,2,3
  9 Secret key distribution based on differential-phase-shift keying with two macroscopic coherent states Osaka Univ. , JST-CREST@*Hayashi shusaku, Inoue kyo
  10 10-GHz clock differential phase shift quantum key distribution experiment NTT Basic Research Laboratories 1
Stanford Univ. 3@Hiroki Takesue 1,2, Eleni Diamanti 3, Carsten Langrock 3, M. M. Fejer 3, Yoshihisa Yamamoto 3
  11 Differential-phase QKD experiment using a series of quantum entangled
photon pairs
NTT Basic Res. Labs. 1, Osaka Univ. 2, JST-CREST 3@*Honjo Toshimori 1,3, Takesue Hiroki 13, Inoue Kyo 1,2,3
£ 12 First QKD experiment with pulsed heralded single photon source JST-CREST 1, Hokkaido Univ. 2, Mitusibishi Electric Corporation 3@*Soujaeff Alexandre 1,2 , Nishioka tsuyoshi 3, Hasegawa Toshio 3, Tsurumaru Toyohiro 3, Takeuchi Shigeki 1,2, Sasaki Keiji 2, Matsui Mitsuru 3
  13 Femtosecond pulse squeezing limited by stimulated-Raman effect in optical fiber Hitachi, ARL@Tomaru Tatsuya 1
  14 Estimation of the photon number distribution of squeezed vacuum state Nihon Univ. 1, Waseda Univ. 2, NIMS 3@*Takahashi Yuta 1,2, Namekata Naoto1, Jonas Soderholm1, Machida Susumu1, Inoue Shuichiro 1, Kurimura Sunao 3, Komatsu Shinichi 2
Joint Session K: Zinc Oxide and Related Functional Materials
August 30 (Wed.) 13:30`18:15
30p-ZE-@/ I,II
  1 Crystal orientation of electrochemically desposited ZnO thin films Wakayama Univ.@*Masashi Aisu 1, Kazuyuki Uno 1, Tadayuki Kanda 1, Ichiro Tanaka 1
’ 2 Evaluation of ZnO membrane deposited on porous anodic alumina using electrodeposition. The Univ. of Electro-comm.@*Yuji Nemoto 1, Masataka Moriya 1, Kouichi Usami 1, Tadayuki Kobayashi 1, Yoshinao Mizugaki 1
  3 Characterization of ZnO thin films prepared by sol-gel method Gunma Univ. 1, Shoei Co. Ltd. 2@*Hattori Tatsuya 1, Miyazaki Takayuki 1, Kubota Masuji 2, Adachi Sadao 1
  4 Fabrications of ZnO/ZnMgO Layers by Digitally Controlled Sol-Gel Method Ishinomaki Senshu Univ. 1@Chisaka@Daisuke 1, Yasuda Takashi 1
  5 Preparation of ZnO thin films by fine channel mist CVD method on sapphire substrates. Dept. Elec. Sci. & Eng., Kyoto Univ. 1, Int. Innovation Center, Kyoto Univ. 2, Ceramic Forum Co. 3@›Tosiyuki Kawaharamura 1, H. Nisinaka 1, K. Kametani 2, Y. Masuda 3, and S. Fujita 2
  6 Linear source ultrasonic spray CVD for gallium doped ZnO thin films Kyoto Univ. Dept. ESE 1, Kyoto Univ. IIC 2, Ceramic Forum 3@*Hiroyuki Nishinaka 1, Toshiyuki Kawaharamura 1, Yudai Kamada 1, Jianguo Lu 2, Yoshio Masuda 3 Shizuo Fujita 2
  7 Preparation of ZnO thin films by solution-vaporized MOCVD method Iwate Ind. Res. Inst. 1, Iwate Univ. 2@*Ohshima Eriko 1, Sugawara Jun 2, Meguro Kazuyuki 1, Endo Haruyuki 1, Ye Rongbin 2, Baba Mamoru 2
  8 Preparation of polycrystalline ZnO thin films on glass substrate by metal organic molecular beam deposition method Ehime Univ. 1@*Shinji Yudate 1, Shinichirou Yura 1, Yousuke Ishiko 1, Akira Miyata 1, Tomoaki Terasako 1, Sho Shirakata 1
’ 9 ZnO film growth by MOCVD method equipped with new laser heating system NIMS 1, CREST 2, Univ. of Tokyo 3@*Eiji Fujimoto 1,2, Masatomo Sumiya 1,2, Mikk Lippmmaa 3, Tsuyoshi Ohnishi 3, Hideomi Koinuma 1,2,3
    Break 15:45`16:00
  10 Preparation of ZnO Films by Atmospheric-pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Zn and H2O as Source Materials Ehime Univ.@Terasako Tomoaki 1, Shigematsu Yuu 1, Umeki Kosuke 1, Miyata Akira 1, Shirakata Sho 1
  11 Development of ƒΣ2 inches substrate heater with use of diode lasers. Alpha E.C. Co., Ltd. 1, IMR-Tohoku Univ. 2@*Chiba Takashi 1, Terada Masao 1, Sakaguchi Isao 1, Kawasaki Masashi 2
  12 PLD growth of ZnO thin films on glass substrates using low-temperature ZnO buffer layers Nanomaterials Microdevices Research Center, Osaka Institute of Technology. 1@Hiroaki Ishii 1,Toshihiko Maemoto 1,Shigehiko Sasa 1,Masataka. Inoue 1
  13 Effect of Substrate Bias Voltage on the Properties of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by PLD method
Akita Prefectural Univ. 1@Hashimoto Akira 1,*Yamaguchi Hiroyuki 1,Sakuraba Reiko 1,Komiyama Takao 1,Aoyama Takashi 1
  14 High Quality ZnO epilayers grown by RF-MBE using Flux-modulation method Waseda Univ. 1@*Kosaka Tomohiro 1,Hirano Katsuya 1,Isogawa Takeshi 1,Ohnishi Junya 1,Hazeki Shingo 1,Fujita Miki 1,Horikoshi Yoshiji 1
  15 Influence of deposition pressure on the thermal durability of ZnO films deposited by r.f. magnetron sputtering Kochi IPC 1, KUT 2,CASIO COMPUTER CO.LTD. 3,KOCHI CASIO 4@@*Takahiro Hiramatsu 1,4, Mamoru Furuta 1,2,Hiroshi Furuta 1,2,
Tokiyoshi Matsuda1,2,Hitoshi Hokari 3,Motohiko Yoshida 3,Hirao Takashi 1,2,
  16 Photoconductivity spectra of poly-crystalline Ga-doped ZnO films prepared by reactive plasma deposition Kochi Univ. Tech., Res. Inst. 1, Kochi Toyonaka Giken 2, Tosadenshi 3@*Kunihiko Hayashi 2, Seiichi Kishimoto 1, Hirofumi Hamaguchi 3, Hisashi Makino 1, Takahiro Yamada 1, Aki Miyake 1, Tetsuya Yamamoto 1
  17 Excitonic properties of ZnO thin films grown by an rf-magnetron sputtering method Department of Applied Physics, Osaka City University@DaeGwi Kim, Syuuji Wakaiki, Takeya Shimomura, Shingo Komura, Kohji Mizoguchi, and Masaaki Nakayama
  18 Oblique incidence hetero-reststrahl reflection in ZnO thin films grown on a-Sapphire II Kumamoto Univ. 1, AIST 2@*Kumagai Yuji 1, Himoto Takeshi 1, Yokoi Hiroyuki 1, Kuroda Noritaka 1
Tampo Hitoshi 2, Shibata Hajime 2, Niki Shigeru 2
Joint Session K: Zinc Oxide and Related Functional Materials
August 31 (Thu.) 9:30`18:30
31a-ZE-@/ I,II
’ 1 The Characterization of Nitrogen-doped ZnO thin films grown by MOCVD Japan Science and Technology Agency 1, Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering, Shimane Univ. 2, Research Project Promotion Institute, Shimane Univ. 3@*Nishimoto Naoki 1, Yamamae Takahiro 2, Kumura Syunsuke 2, O Senthil Kumar 3, Fujita Yasuhisa 2
  2 Photoluminescence properties of homoepitaxial ZnO:N thin films prepared by reactive evaporation method Iwate Univ. 1,Iwate Industrial Research Inst. 2,Sendai Nat. College of Tech. 3@Nakagawa Akira 1,Masuoka Fumihito 1,Endo Haruyuki 2,Meguro kazuyuki 2,Chiba Shigeki 1,Kashiwaba Yasuhiro 3,Ojima Tsutomu 1,Aota Katsumi 1,Nikura Ikuo 1,Kashiwaba Yasube 1
  3 Photoluminescence properties of Nitrogen doped ZnO single crystals Iwate Univ. 1, Iwate Industrial Research Inst. 2, Tokyo Denpa Co., Ltd. 3, Sendai National College of Tech. 4@Fumihito Masuoka 1, Akira Nakagawa 1, Haruyuki Endo 2, Kazuyuki Meguro 2, Shigeki Chiba 1, Yasuhiro Kashiwaba 4, Katumi Maeda 3, Ikuo Niikura 1, Yasube Kashiwaba 1
  4 Characterization of ZnO:N Homoepitaxial Films Grown by MBE with N2O Gas Doping
Osaka Inst. of Tech. NMRC 1@*Fujimoto Kazuya 1, Kawasaki Motoki 1, Koike Kazuto 1, Sasa Shigehiko 1, Inoue Masataka 1, Yano Mitsuaki 1
£ 5 P-type conducting ZnO films on R-plane sapphire Graduate School of Electronic Science and Technology, Shizuoka Univ.1,
Research Inst. of Electronics, Shizuoka Univ. 2@*Gangil Sandip 1, Ichikawa Yoshimi 2, Aoshima Tsuyoshi 2, Nakamura Atsushi 2, Aoki Toru 1,2, Temmyo Jiro 1,2
    Break 10:45`11:00
  6 Change of growth mode in N-doped +c ZnO filmes grown by MBE Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.@*Ogawa Akio 1, Kotani Hiroshi 1, Kato Hiroyuki 1, Sano Michihiro 1
  7 Fabrication of P-type ZnO Thin Films deposited by the Li and N Codoping Method Sanyo Electric Co. 1, Osaka Univ. 2@*Yata Shigeo 1, Aya Youichiro 1, Goto Takenori 1, Wakisaka Kenichiro 1, Itozaki Hideo 2
  8 Effect of polarity on MBE growth of Ga-doped ZnO films Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.@*Kotani Hiroshi 1, Ogawa Akio 1, Kato Hiroyuki 1, Sano Michihiro 1
  9 Shifting donor-acceptor photoluminescence in N-doped ZnO U. Hyogo 1, RIKEN 2, IMR, Tohoku Univ. 3,ROHM 4, NIMS 5@T. Makino et al.
  10 Resistance control of ZnO thin films by Cu doping Nagoya Inst. Tech. 1, AIST 2@Tsukamoto Issei 1, Umezawa Ryosuke 1, Alkafri Adel 1, Goto Keisuke 2, Ichikawa Yo 1
    Lunch 12:15`13:25
31p-ZE-@/ I,II
  1   @
  2 EL emission from Zn1-xCdxO/MgyZn1-yO diode Res. Inst. Electronics, Shizuoka Univ. 1, NTT Basic Res. Lab. 2@*Atsushi Nakamura 1, Toshiya Ohashi 1, Kenji Yamamoto 1, Toru Aoki 1,@Hideki Gotoh 2, Jiro Temmyo 1
  3 Pt Schottky diode ultraviolet sensor using ZnO single crystal Iwate Ind. Res. Inst. 1, Tohoku Univ. 2, IIS 3, Lightm,Ltd 4, Iwate Univ. 5,@*Endo Haruyuki 1,2,Sugibuchi Mayo 3,Takahashi Kohsuke 3,Goto Shunsuke 4,Hasegawa Tatsuo 1,Ohshima Erico 1,Meguro Kazuyuki 1,Hane Kazuhiro 2, Kashiwaba Yasube 5
  4 Electrical Properties of ZnO/ p-type 6H-SiC Heterojunction Diode Prepared by Sol-Gel Method Ishinomaki Senshu Univ.@*Shinji Nakagomi, Kouichi Naganuma, Yoshihiro Kokubun
’ 5 Physical properties evaluation of ZnO with ferroelectric gate thin-film transistors Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture Univ.@*Fukushima Tadahiro 1, Arai Ryota 1, Masuko Keiichiro 1, Yoshimura Takeshi 1, Ashida Atsushi 1, Fujimura Norifumi 1
’ 6 Gate insulator dependences of ZnO/ZnMgO hetero-MISFET characteristics Nanomaterials Microdevices Res. Center, Osaka Int. of Tech. 1@*Hayafuji Takeo 1, Hashimoto Kazuyuki 1, Koike Kazuto 1, Sasa Shigehiko 1, Yano Mitsuaki 1, Inoue Masataka 1
’ 7 Work function controlled transparent conductive films with zinc oxide system by PLD method Osaka Sangyo Univ. 1, Okuda Technical Office 2, Rigaku 3@*Yoshida Kazuo 1, Murakami Shin-ichiro 1, Agura Hideaki 1, Aoki Takanoni 1, Suzuki Akio 1, Matsushida Tatsuhiko 1, Okuda Masahiro 2, Ota Hiromi 3
  8 Film thickness dependence of resistivity stability in impurity-doped ZnO thin films used in high humidity environments Kanazawa Inst. of Tech. 1@Miyata, Toshihitro 1, Ohtani Yuusuke 1, Minami Tadatsugu 1
    Break 15:30`15:45
’ 9 Anneal gas dependence of electrical properties of Al doped ZnOiZAOj films prepared by conventional DC magnetron sputtering Tosoh Corporation @Kenji Omi, Hitoshi Iigusa, Kentaro Utsumi
  10 Deposition of Zinc Oxide thin film by DC magnetron sputtering. Tosoh Corporation@Kentaro Utsumi, Kenji Omi, Hitoshi Iigusa
’ 11 Effects of gallium doping on transparent conducting ZnO thin films Univ. of Yamanashi 1, Yamanashi Industrial Tech. Center 2, Nakaya Corporation 3@Taku Uehara 1, Tatumi Sakano 1, Tsutomu Muranaka 1, Youichi Nabetani 1, Tetsuya Akitsu 1, Takamasa Kato 1, Takashi Matsumoto 1, Shigeru Hagihara 2, Osamu Abe 2, Satoshi Hiraki 3, Yuichirou Fujikawa 3
  12 Preparation of B-doped ZnO thin films by Arc plasma evaporation Kanazawa Inst. of Tech.@Miyata Toshihiro 1, Honma Yasunori 1, Ishii Makoto 1, Minami Tadatsugu 1
  13 Preparation of transparent conducting AZO thin films by rf-superimposed dc magnetron sputtering (II) Kanazawa Inst. of tech.@Ohtani Yuusuke 1, Miyata Toshihiro 1, Minami Tadatsugu 1
  14 Fabrication of ZnO source-drain electrodes with ion implantation KUT 1, Kochi IPC 2, Kochi CASIO 3@*Tokiyoshi Matsuda1,2, Takahiro Hiramatsu2, 3, Hiroshi Furuta1,2, Mamoru Furuta1,2, Takashi Hirao1,2
  15 Properties of transparent conductive GZO films preparation on plastic substrate by reactive plasma deposition ASAHI KASEI 1, ASAHI KASEI CHEMICALS 2, Kochi Univ. Tech. 3 @*Minoru Yamamoto 2,Suketaka Soga 1, Takahiro Yamada 3,
Aki Miyake 3, Hisao Makino 3, Hiroshi Shirai 2, Hideaki Imai 1,
Teiichiro Kohno 1, Tetsuya Yamamoto 3
  16 Ga-doped ZnO thin film preparation on plastic substrate by reactive plasma deposition ASAHI KASEI1, ASAHI KASEI CHEMICALS2, Kochi Univ. Tech.3@*Suketaka Soga1, Minoru Yamamoto2, Takahiro Yamada3, Aki Miyake3, Hisao Makino3, Hiroshi Shirai2, Hideaki Imai1, Teiichiro Kohno1, Tetsuya Yamamoto3
  17 Effect of thermal treatment on poly-crystalline Ga-doped ZnO films prepared by reactive plasma deposition (RPD) Kochi Univ. Tech., Res. Inst. 1, Tosadenshi 2, Kochi Toyonaka Giken 3@*Hirofumi Hamaguchi 2, Seiichi Kishimoto 1,Kunihiko Hayashi 3, Hisashi Makino 1, Takahiro Yamada 1, Aki Miyake 1, Tetsuya Yamamoto 1
’ 18 Transparent conducting GZO/protective layer films prepared on organic substrate by PLD method Osaka Sangyo Univ. 1,Okuda Technical Office 2,Rigaku Corporation 3@*Uehara Kenji 1,Muronaka Syouta 1,Michihata Ryouta 1,Agura Hideaki 1,Aoki Takanori 1,Suzuki Akio 1,Matsushita Tatsuhiko 1, Okuda Masahiro 2, Ota Hiromi 3
’ 19 Transparent conducting films with zinc oxide system deposited on PET substrate by PLD method Osaka Sangyo Univ. 1,Okuda Technical Office 2,Rigaku 3@*Nakamura Atsuhiro 1,Agura Hideaki 1,Aoki Takanori 1,Suzuki Akio 1,Matsushita Tatsuhiko 1,Okuda Masahiro 2,Ota Hiromi 3
Joint Session K: Zinc Oxide and Related Functional Materials
September 1 (Fri.) 9:00`15:00
1a-ZE-@/ I,II
’ 1 Characteristic improvement of laser annealed transparent conducting films with zinc oxide system deposited by PLD method Osaka Sangyo Univ. 1,Okuda Technical Office 2,Rigaku 3@*Takase Yasunori 1,Agura Hideaki 1,Aoki Takanori 1,Suzuki Akio 1,Matsushita Tatsuhiko 1,Okuda Masahiro 2,Ota Hiromi 3
’ 2 Multilayer transparent conducting ITO / AZO films prepared by PLD Osaka Sangyo Univ. 1,Okuda Technical Office 2,Rigaku 3@*Higashimura Yoshinori 1,Nakamura Masataka 1,Okuno Tomoya 1,Agura Hideaki 1,Aoki Takanori 1,Suzuki Akio 1,Matsushita Tatsuhiko 1,Okuda Masahiro 2,Ota Hiromi 3
’ 3 Growth of ZnS thin films using pulsed-laser deposition IMR Tohoku Univ. 1@*Murota Yasuhiro 1, Okude Masaki 1, Tsukazaki Atsushi 1, Ohtomo Akira 1, Kawasaki Masashi 1
’ 4 Sputtered metal thin films on transparent coducting films with zinc oxide system by PLD method Osaka Sangyo Univ. 1,Okuda Technical Office 2,Rigaku 3@*Otsuki Hiroyuki 1,Agura Hideaki 1,Aoki Takanori 1,Suzuki Akio 1,Matsushita Tatsuhiko 1,Okuda Masahiro 2,Ota Hiromi 3
  5 Study of the epitaxy of Pt and dielectric and piezoelectric properties of ZnO:Mn in ZnO/Pt/c-sapphire Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Pref. Univ. 1@*Takeshi Oshio 1, Atsushi Ashida 1, Takeshi Yoshimura 1, Norifumi Fujimura 1
    Break 10:15`10:30
’ 6 RF-power dependence of the Mg content in MgxZn1-xO films grown by remote-plasma-enhanced MOCVD Res. Inst. of Electronics, Shizuoka Univ. 1@*Yamamoto Kenji 1, Enomoto Keigo 1, Nakamura Atsushi 1, Aoki Toru 1, Temmyo Jiro 1
  7 Characterization of Zn1-xMgxO single crystal thin films by low temperature photoluminescence National Institute of AIST 1, Saitama Univ. 2@*Shibata Hajime 1,Tampo Hitoshi 1,Matsubara Kohji 1,Akimasa Yamada 1,Sakurai Keiichiro 1, Ishizuka Shogo 1,Niki Shigeru 1,Sakai Masamichi 2
  8 Control of two-dimensional electron gases and polarization charges at the ZnO/MgxZn1-xO heterointerfaces IMR Tohoku Univ. 1, RIEC-LNS Tohoku Univ. 2, ERATO-JST 3@Akira Ohtomo 1, Atsushi Tsukazaki 1, Tomohiro Kita 2, Yuzo Ohno 2, Hideo Ohno 2, Masashi Kawasaki 1
  9 Electronic states of ZnO/ZnMgO multi-quantum wells with doped ZnO wells Nanomaterials Microdevices Research Center, Osaka Institute of Technology@Tamaki Tetsuya 1,Fujimoto Kazuya 1,Hashimoto Kazuyuki 1,Sasa Shigehiko 1,Koike Kazuto 1,Yano Mitsuaki 1,Inoue Masataka 1
  10 Magneto-transport properties at ZnMnO/ZnO hetero-interface Osaka Prefecture Univ. 1@Masuko Keiichiro 1, Ashida Atushi 1, Yoshimura Takeshi 1, Fujimura Norifumi 1
    Lunch 11:45`12:45
1p-ZE-@/ I,II
  1 Nonpolar ZnO homoepitaxy: surface nanostructures and electron trasnport CPNTR, Osaka Univ.1, ISIR, Osaka Univ. 2@Matsui Hiroaki 1, Tabata Hitoshi 2
  2 Synthesis, morphology and random laser action of ZnO nanostructures NIT1,NTU2@L. Miao *1, Y. Ieda1, S.Tanemura1, M. Tanemura1, Y.Hayashi1, H.Y. Yang2, S.P. Lau2, B.K. Tay2
  3 Growth of ZnO nanostructures on GaAs substrates using In droplets Yamanashi@Univ@*Ito Fumiyoshi, Tsutsui Hiroki, Nabetani Youichi, Muranaka Tsutomu, Kato Takamasa, Matsumoto Takashi
  4 Substrate and temperature dependence on ZnO nanowire growth Tsukuba Univ. 1, NEC 2, CREST JST 3@*Miyazaki Hiroshi 1,3, Mukawa Takahito 1,3, Higashi Koudai 1,3, Nakazawa Shotaro 1,3, Okada Satoshi 1,3, Ishida Masahiko 2,3, Fujita Jun-ichi 1,3
  5 Preparation of ZnO Nanowires by Atmospheric-pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Au Nanoparticles as Catalyst Ehime Univ. 1@*Terasako Tomoaki 1, Ishizaki Masahiro 1, Senda Yuu 1, Matsuura Hidekazu 1, Miyata Akira 1, Shirakata Sho 1
  6 Optical Characteristics of ZnO Nanowires Synthesized NPAD Kyushu Univ.@M. Ueda, J. Nishimura, M. Higashihata, J. Suehiro, ›T. Okada
  7 Raman study on structural properties of ZnO nano-sized rods Kyoto Inst. Tech. 1,Wakayama Univ. 2@*Deguchi Ryosuke 1,Hasuike Noriyuki 1,Nishio Koji 1,Isshiki Toshiyuki 1,Kisoda Kenji 2,Harima Hiroshi 1
  8 Synthesis of Co-doped ZnO nanorod and study on their local structure Kyoto Inst. Tech. 1,Wakayama Univ. 2@*Hasuike Noriyuki 1,Deguchi Ryosuke 1,Nishio Koji 1, Isshiki Toshiyuki 1,Kisoda Kenji 2,Harima Hiroshi 1
  9 Observation of near-field optical coupling between ZnO double-quantum-well structures at the end of the ZnO nanorod II SORST JST 1, Ricoh Co. Ltd. 2, POSTECH 3, Univ. Tokyo 4@*Yatsui Takashi 1, Sangu Suguru 2, Kawazoe Tadashi 1, Yoo Jinkyoung 3, An Sung Jin 3, Yi Gyu-Chul 3, Ohtsu Motoichi 1,4