8 Applied Material Physics
8.1 Magnetic Materials and Devices
August 30 (Wed.) 9:00`11:15
30a-M-@/ I
  1 Magnetostatic Wave Propagation in YIG Single Crystal Thin Films with Microfabricated Surfaces Osaka Prefectural College of Technology 1@*Atsutaka Saiki 1, Atsushi Maeda 1, Masami Susaki 1
  2 Growth of Metal Oxide Nanowires on substrate plates Kanazawa Institute of Technology 1, RIE Shizuoka Univ. 2@*Y.Hida 1, N.Okumura 1, M.Okada 2,K.Kubomura 1
’ 3 Preparation and magnetic properties of ZnFe2O4-BaTiO3 thin films with columnar nanostructures Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto Univ.@*Seisuke Nakashima 1, Koji Fujita 1, Katsuhisa Tanaka 1, and Kazuyuki Hirao 1
  4 Interfacial magnetization of [FeCo/Pd]n superlattices evaluated by element specific soft x-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism. Fujitsu Lab. 1, Fujitsu 2, JASRI/SPring-8 3@*Awaji Naoki 1, Noma Kenji 2, Doi Shuichi 1, Nomura Kenji 1, Nakamura Tetsuya 3
    Break 10:00`10:15
  5 Annealing Effect of the Inpedance of Co-based Amorphous Alloy Ribbons Yamagata Univ. 1, Hitachi Metals Co.,Ltd. 2@*Noriyoshi Suzuki 1, Masaki Nakamura 1, Osamu Ishii 1, Nobuaki Kutsuzawa 1, Yoshihito Yoshizawa 2
  6 Application of High Magnetostriction Metallic Thin Film to a Remote Sensor Yamagata Univ. 1, NEC TOKIN Co., Ltd. 2@*Masaki Nakamura 1, Nobuaki Kutsuzawa 1, Satoshi Yoshizawa 1, Osamu Ishii 1, Teruhiko Fujiwara 2
  7 Cantilever Type Remote Sensor Using Magnetic Ribbons Yamagata univ. 1@*Nobuaki Kutsuzawa 1,Masahiro Seito 1, Satoshi Yoshizawa 1, Masaki Nakamura 1, Shiro Kambe 1, Osamu Ishii 1
  8 Self Oscillator Type Remote Viscosity Sensor Using Magnetoelastic Ribbon Yamagata Univ.@*Satoshi Yoshizawa, Masaki Nakamura, Nobuaki Kutsuzawa, Shiro Kambe, and Osamu Ishii
8.2 Dielectric Materials
August 30 (Wed.) 13:00`17:45
30p-M-@/ I
  1 Expression Mechanism of Ferroelectricity in Perovskite-Type Oxides by First-Principles Calculations (8) Kwansei Gakuin Univ. 1@*Kawanishi Hironori 1, Ishizumi Keisuke 1, Takahashi Isao 1, Terauchi Hikaru 1, Hayafuji Yoshinori 1
’ 2 Light scattering study on the relaxor ferroelectric a 0.8Pb(Ni1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.2PbTiO3 single crystal PAS, Univ. Tsukuba 1, AIST 2,@*Tsukada Shinya 1, Ike Yuji 1, Kano Jun 1, Sekiya Tadashi 2, Shimojo Yoshiaki 2, Wang Ruiping 2 and Kojima Seiji 1,
’ 3 Temperature characteristics and visible light luminescence in sirica-based superstructure films Kanagawa Inst. of Tech.@Fujitsuka Shun, Noge Satoru, Uno Takehiko
  4 Investigation of Origin of Giant Dielectric Response in CaCu3Ti4O12 ERATO JST 1, Tokyo Institute of Technology 2,3@*Fu Desheng 1,2, Arima Yosuke 2, Taniguchi Hiroki 2, Taniyama Tomoyasu 2, Itoh Mitsuru 2, and Koshihara Shin-ya 1,3
’ 5 Improvement of ferroelectric properties of PbTiO3 single crystals by defect control RCAST, Tokyo Univ. 1, SORST-JST 2@*Tamada Minoru 1, Noguchi Yuji 1,2 , Miyayama Masaru 1
  6 Electrical properties of (Ba0.5Sr0.5)TiO3thin film for microwave waveguide NAIST 1@*Kouno Takuma 1,Bhakdisongkhram Gun 1,Nishida Takashi 1,Uchiyama Kiyoshi 1,Shiosaki tadashi 1
  7 Evaluation of nonlinear dielectric characteristics in (Ba,Sr)TiO3 films and their frequency conversion device application NAIST@*Takashi Nishida, Gun Bhakdisongkhram, Takuma Kono, Kiyoshi Uchiyama, Tadashi Shiosaki
’ 8 Electrical Conduction Properties of Charge Ordering Type Ferroelectrics YFe2O4-ƒΒ Osaka Pref. Univ. Graduate School of Eng. 1,Graduate School of Sci. 2,Okayama Univ. Graduate School of Sci. 3@*Imamura Ken 1,Horibe Yoichi 2,Yoshimura Takeshi 1,Fujimura Norifumi 1,Mori Shigeo 2,Ikeda Naoshi 3
    Break 15:00`15:15
  9 Measurement of phase transition temperature of KTa1-xNbxO3(KTN) by scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy NTT Photonics Labs. 1, RIEC, Tohoku Univ. 2@*Sakamoto Takashi 1,2, Nakamura Koichiro 1, Fujiura Kazuo 1, Cho Yasuo 2
  10 Micro-region high frequency dielectric measurement for dielectric device using non-contact state probe Tokyo Inst. of Tech. 1@Hirofumi Kakemoto 1, Jianyong Li 1, Takakiyo Harigai 1, Song-Min Nam 1, Satoshi Wada 1, Takaaki Tsurumi 1
£ 11 Dependence of Electrostatic Chuck Characteristics on Plasma Environment Nagoya Univ.1, Toshiba Corp.2@*Shim Gyu Il1, Yamauchi Takeshi2, Sugai Hideo1
  12 Single crystal film growth on silica subustrate by using crystal contact thermal epitaxial method Kanagawa Inst. Tech.@*Noge Satoru 1, Uno Takehiko 1
’ 13 Structural and Physical properties of BaTi2O5 glasses prepared by a containerless method Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency 1, AES 2@Masuno Atsunobu 1, Arai Yasutomo 1, Ohtsubo Fumiaki 2, Jianding Yu 1
  14 Ultra Wide Band Dielectric Spectroscopy of BaTiO3-based Ceramic Tokyo Tech 1@*Li Jianyong 1, Kakemoto Hirofumi 1, Wada Satoshi 1, Tsurumi Takaaki 1
  15 Microwave and infrared dielectric response of SrTiO3-SrZrO3 solid solution Tokyo Tech. 1, NEC 2, AIST 3@Takaaki Tsurumi 1, Takashi Teranishi 1, Jianyong Li 1, Takakiyo Harigai 1, Hirofumi Kakemoto 1, Satoshi Wada 1, Masafumi Nakada 2, Jun Akedo 3
  16 Electric properties of Sr1-xMexBi2Nb2-yVyO9 (Me=Ba, Ca, Bi0.5Na0.5) ceramics Tokyo Univ. of Sci@*Inai Shinya, Sato Jyunpei, Hiruma Yuji, Suzuki Muneyasu, Nagata Hajime, Takenaka Tadashi
  17 Piezoelectric properties of La2O3-doped (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-(Bi1/2K1/2)TiO3 ceramics Tokyo Univ. of Sci.@*Yoshii Kazushige 1, Hiruma Yuji 1, Suzuki Muneyasu 1, Nagata Hajime 1, Takenaka Tadasi 1
  18 Evaluation of PZT Diaphragm-Type Film Actuator Prepared by Sputtering and Dry Etching Processes Institute for Semiconductor Technologies,ULVAC,Inc. 1@Isao Kimura 1, Shin Kikuchi 1, Yutaka Nishioka 1, Yutaka Kokaze 1, Mitsuhiro Endo 1, Masahisa Ueda 1, Yasuhiro Morikawa 1, Tooru koidesawa 1, Koukou Suu 1
8.3 Fine Particles and Powders
September 1 (Fri.)
1a-P14-@/ I
Poster Session
  1 Synthetic route of nano-ramsdellite through a protonated manganese oxide Kyoto Univ. RISH. 1, Kyoto Univ. ICR. 2
@Koyanaka Hideki 1, Tsujimoto Masahiko 2
  2 Fabrication and Characterization of Pd Nanoparticles-based Hydrogen Gas Sensor Using Dielectrophoresis Kyushu Univ. 1@*Junya Suehiro 1, Sin-ichiro Hidaka 1, Shinji Yamane 1, Kiminobu Imasaka 1, Mitsuhiro Higashihata 1, Tatsuo Okada 1
’ 3 Formation of aluminum nanowires with glancing-angle deposition on the high-temperature substrate Kyoto Univ 1,KOBELCO Res. Inst., Inc. 2@*Nagai Kouji 1,Suzuki Motofumi 1,Kimura Kenji 1,Nakajima Kaoru 1,Kinosita Sadamu 1,Okano Tomoki 2,Sasakawa Kaoru 2
  4 Growth of ZnS nano Crystals in Gel and Their Characterization The Univ. Tokushima 1, Ritsumeikan Univ. 2, NIMS 3,@*Kaito Takamasa 1, Iseki Yuji 1, Yanagiya Shin-ichiro 1, Mori Atsushi 1, Kaito Chihiro 2, Sekiguchi Takashi 3, Inoue Tetsuo 1,
  5 The morphology of change PbS crystals using the gel growth method The Univ. of tokushima@*Shinnichi Nakata 1,Shin-ichiro Yanagiya 1,Atsushi Mori 1,Tetsuo Inoue 1
  6 Evaluation of charactoristics of Zn2SiO4:Mn and BaMgAl10O17:Eu phosphors for XUV ligth Graduaited School Osaka University1, Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University2, Institute for Molecular Science3@Masashi Yamamoto1,2, Hideaki Habara1,2, Kazuo A. Tanaka1,2, Masami Hasumoto3, Eiji Shigemasa3
  7 Adhesion force measurements of polymer particles by centrifugal method Ibaraki Univ. 1@Kawasaki Kuniaki 1, Takeuchi Manabu 1, Wada Tatsuaki 1
  8 Static Neutralizing System with Soft X-ray Air Ionizer Ibaraki Univ.1,The Polytechnic Univ. 2@*Sakuyama Masafumi 1, Takeuchi Manabu 1, Okano Kazuo 2
  9 Effect of Airflow Velocity on Space Charge Density Sensor The Polytechnic Univ. 1, Hiroshima International Univ. 2@*Hayashi Kenta 1, Imazono Hiroyuki 1, Terashige Takashi 2, Okano Kazuo 1
  10 Effect of Position on EMI Characteristic of Corona Discharge Ionizer The Polytechnic Univ. 1@*Takahashi Yuuta 1,Ujiie Syouta 1,Okano Kazuo 1
8.4 Nano electronics
August 31 (Thu.) 13:00`18:25
31p-M-@/ I
  1 Quantum Nernst Effect Nat'l Inst. for Fusion Science 1, Uni. of Tokyo 2, Yokohama Nat'l Univ.@*Nakamura Hiroaki 1, Hatano Naomichi 2, Shirasaki Ryoen 3
  2 Quantum Dynamics Approach to Electron Transport in 2D Nanostructures under Magnetic Fields Seikei Univ. 1
@*Yoshihumi Ohmachi 1,,Masaki Nishikawa 1, Shoichi Sakamoto 1 Mitsuyoshi Tomiya 1
  3 AC Gate Effects on A Nano ElectroMechanical Single Electron Transistor Hokkaido Univ.@*Nishiguchi Norihiko 1
  4 Observation of tunnneling current stemming from cantilever resonant vibration under applying RF signal Tokyo Tech 1, Univ. of Cambridge 2, SORST-JST 3@*Azuma Yasuo 1, Charles G. Smith 2, Majima Yutaka 1,3
  5 Single-electron tunneling and Random telegraph signals in Fe-MgO granular films Hokkaido Univ. 1@*Nishio Hiroyuki 1,Hosoya Hiroyuki 1,Hamada Kouichi 1,Arita Masashi 1,Takahashi Yasuo 1
’ 6 The Study of Mechanism of Resistance Switching Effects using Metal Nanogap Electrodes NRI-AIST@Yasuhisa Naitoh 1. Masayo Horikawa 1. Tetsuo Shimizu 1
  7 Electrode Material Dependency of Resistance Switching Effects of Nanogap Electrodes FEAT 1,NRI-AIST 2@*Furuta Shigeo 1,Takahashi Tsuyoshi 1,Ono Masatoshi 1,Naitoh Yasuhisa 2,Horikawa Masayo 2,Shimizu Tetsuo 2
  8 The influence of atomospheric condition on NanoGapSwitch operation NRI-AIST.1,FEAT.2@*Shimizu Tetsuo1,Hotikawa Masayo1,Furuta Shigeo2,Takahashi Tsuyoshi2,Ono Masatoshi2,Naitoh Yasuhisa1
  9  Analysis of Back-Gate Voltage Dependence of Threshold Voltage of Thin Silicon-on-Insulator Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor and Its Application to Si Single-Electron Transistor @
    Break 15:00`15:15
  10 Electric transport properties in the FET channel embedded with single InAs self-assembled quantum dot Hokkaido Univ. 1, CREST-JST 2, Univ. Tokyo 3@*Kashiwada Saori 1, Minkgung Jung 2, Hirakawa Kazuhiko 2, Yoh Kanji 1,3
£ 11 Biomineralized nanodot embedded in high-k Hf-based gate oxide for floating gate memory applications NAIST 1,Panasonic 2
@Punchaipetch Prakaipetch 1,Yano Hiroshi 1,Hatayama Tomoaki 1,Uraoka Yukiharu 1,Fuyuki Takasi 1,Yoshii Shigeo 2,Yamashita Ichiro 2
’ 12 Investigation of Compound Semiconductor Nanowire Devices for High-Density Integration of Hexagonal BDD Circuits Hokkaido Univ. 1, RCIQE 2@*Tamura Takahiro 1,2, Kasai Seiya 1,2, Sato Taketomo 1,2, Hashizume Tamotsu 1,2
’ 13 Switching Characteristics in A-Few-Electron Regime of GaAs based Schottky-Wrap-Gate Quantum Wire Transistors Hokkaido Univ. 1, RCIQE 2@*Shiratori Yuta 1,2, Nakamura Tatsuya 1,2, Kasai Seiya 1,2
    Break 16:45`16:55
  14 Operation of Multi-Dot Like Devices with One Gate Capacitively Coupled with Two Islands Ritsumeikan Univ. 1@*Imai Shigeru 1,Kawamura Daichi 2
’ 15 Multilogic function device using a Si nanodot array with two current paths IST Hokkaido Univ. 1, NTT Basic Research Labs. 2@*Takuya Kaizawa 1, Masashi Arita 1, Akira Fujiwara 2, Kenji Yamazaki 2, Yasuo Takahashi 1
  16 Effect of Parameter Variation and Temperature on Single Electron Invertor Gunma Natl. Coll. of Tech.@*Ohmameuda Toshiaki 1
  17 Nonlinear dynamics of coupled single-electron oscillators Hokkaido Univ., Dept. of Eng. 1@Kikombo Andrew K. 1,Hirose T. 1,Asai T. 1, Amemiya Y. 1
  18 Fabrication of Nanoprocessor Component Circuits on GaAs Nanowire Networks Controlled by Schottky WPGs Hokkaido Univ. 1, RCIQE 2@*Nakamura Tatsuya 1,2, Kasai Seiya 1,2, Hashizume Tamotsu 1,2
  19 Implementation of Functional Graph-based Logic Devices by GaAs-based Schottky Wrap Gate Structures Grad. School of IST and RCIQE, Hokkaido Univ. 1, Univ. of Calgary 2@*Seiya Kasai 1, Tatsuya Nakamura 1, Yuta Shiratori 1, Svetlana Yanushkevich
8.5 Thermoelectric Energy Conversion
August 30 (Wed.) 9:00`18:00
30a-L-@/ I
’ 1 Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of BaAlSi clathrates Kyushu Univ. 1@Shinji Munetoh 1,Hideki Makiyama 1,Teruaki Motooka 1
  2 Thermoelectric Properties of Si-Clathrate Compounds Filled with Sr Yamaguchi Univ.@*N. Ikeda,T. Kawai, K. Kishimoto, T. Koyanagi
  3 Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of tellurium-containing Si clathrate compounds Yamaguchi Univ.@*Kishimoto Kengo, Koyanagi Tsuyoshi
  4 Thermoelectric properties of Ba8AuxGaySi46-x-y clathrate compounds Tokyo Univ. of Science, Yamaguchi@Koji Suzuki 1,Masahiro Hokazono 1,Kenji Koga 1,*Hiroaki Anno 1,Kakuei Matsubara 1
  5 Thermoelectric Properties of Ba8-xEuxAu6Ge40 Clathrate Compounds Tokyo Univ. of Science, Yamaguchi 1@Kazuki Okita 1, Koga Koga 1, Hiroaki Anno 1, Kakuei Matsubara 1
    Break 10:15`10:30
  6 Effect of double filling on thermoelectric properties of the Skutterudite Yb-(Co, Fe)-Sb materials R & D Division, Furukawa Co., Ltd. 1@Guo Junqing 1, Geng Huiyuan 1, Ochi Shunichi 1
’ 7 Low-temperature thermoelectric properties of Bi1.9Sb0.1Te3.0+ƒΒ JAIST 1@*Fuchino Tomonori 1, Nakamoto Go 1, Kurisu Makio 1
  8 Homogegeity range of ƒΓ-Zn4Sb3 JAIST 1, Chungju univ. 2, Cardiff Univ. 3@*Nakamoto Go 1, Akai Noriyuki 1, Kurisu Makio 1, Kim I.-H. 2, Ur S.-C. 2, Kuznetsov V.L. 3
  9 Enhancement of the figure of merit in Bi-micro-wire array JAIST 1, SAITEC 2, Saitama Univ. 3@*Hideo Iwasaki 1, Youhei Ohno 1, Tomoya Sato 1, Daisuke Chikamori 1, Mikio Koyano 1 Hiroyuki Morita 2, Yasuhiro Hasegawa 3
’ 10 Thermoelectric properties of a narrow-gap semiconductor SrSi2 Graduate school of Frontier Science, Univ. of Tokyo 1, CREST-JST 2@*Yamaguchi Kohei 1,Nohara Minoru 1,2, Takagi Hidenori 1,2
’ 11 Anisotropy of the thermoelectric figure of merit based on an anisotropic ionized impurity model Keio Univ.@*Ikeda Kazuma 1, Yago Toshihisa 1, Matoba Masanori 1
    Lunch 12:00`13:00
30p-L-@/ I
  1 Epitaxial film growth and thermoelectric properties of layered cobalt oxides with reactive solid-phase epitaxy Nagoya Univ. 1, CREST/JST 2, ERATO-SORST/JST 3, JFCC 4, The Univ. of Tokyo 5, TITech 6@*Sugiura Kenji 1, Ohta Hiromichi 1,2, Mizutani Atsushi 1, Nomura Kenji 3, Saito Tomohiro 4, Ikuhara Yuichi 5, Yanagi Hiroshi 6, Hirano Masahiro 3, Hosono Hideo 3,6, Koumoto Kunihito 1,2
  2 Thermoelectric properties of Ce-doped SrTiO3 thin films IMR Tohoku Univ. 1, JST-PRESTO 2@*Yamada Yasuhiro 1, Ohtomo Akira 1,2, Kawasaki masashi 1
  3 Carrier transport and thermoelectric properties of heavily Nb-doped TiO2 epitaxial films Nagoya Univ. 1, CREST / JST 2@*Daisuke Kurita 1, Shingo Ohta 1, Hiromichi Ohta 1,2, Kunihito Koumoto 1,2
  4 Low temperature Seebeck coefficient of reduced SrTiO3 bulk single crystal Nagoya Univ. 1, CREST / JST 2@*Yuki Nakanishi 1, Hiromichi Ohta 1,2, Kunihito Koumoto 1,2
  5 Giant thermoelectric response originating from the high-density 2DEG at the TiO2/SrTiO3 heterointerface Nagoya Univ. 1, CREST / JST 2, ERATO-SORST / JST 3@*Hiromichi Ohta 1,2,3, SungWng Kim 3, Kenji Nomura 3, Shingo Ohta 1, Takashi Nomura 1, Masahiro Hirano 3, Hideo Hosono 3, Kunihito Koumoto 1,2
’ 6 Giant thermoelectric response of SrTiO3/Nb:SrTiO3 superlattices Nagoya Univ. 1, CREST / JST 2, Univ. of Tokyo 3@*Yoriko Mune 1,@Hiromichi Ohta 1,2, Teruyasu Mizoguchi 3, Yuichi Ikuhara 3, Kunihito Koumoto 1,2
    Break 14:30`14:45
  7 Thermoelectric properties of n-type Gd2-xPrxCuO4 mixed crystal thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition method Nagoya Univ. 1, EcoTopia Sci. Inst. Nagoya Univ. 2@Ichino Yusuke 1, Nonoyama Tomoaki 1, Kamiya Akira 1, Yoshida Yutaka 1, Takai Yoshiaki 1, Itoh Takashi 2
  8 Thermoelectric properties of Sm1.98Ce0.02CuO4 thin film doping BaZrO3 controlled grain size Nagoya Univ. 1,EcoTopia Sci. Inst. Nagoya Univ. 2@*Kamiya Akira 1,Ichino Yusuke 1,Yoshida Yutaka 1,Takai Yoshiaki 1,Itoh Takashi 2
  9 Mg-doping effect in Rh oxides Waseda Univ. 1, CREST-JST 2@*Shibasaki Soichiro 1, Kobayashi Wataru 1, Terasaki Ichiro 1,2
  10 Systematics of transport properties in layered cobalt oxides Waseda Univ. 1, CREST 2@*Kobayashi Wataru 1, Terasaki Ichiro 1,2
’ 11 Thermoelectric properties of Bi-based cobalt rhodium oxide Advanced Technology Research Labolatories, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 1@*OKADA Satoshi 1, SAKAI Akihiro 1, KANNNO Tsutomu 1, YOTSUHASHI Satoshi 1, ADACHI Hideaki 1
’ 12 Thermoelectric properties of Pb doped Ca3Co4O9 Yokohama National Univ. @*Hyeonmook Jeong 1, Natsuko Gomi 2, Rakhee Kim 3, Hiroshi Nakatsugawa 4
    Break 16:15`16:30
£ 13 The high temperature thermoelectric properties of gama-NaxCoO2 JST 1, Grad. Sch. Eng., Tohoku Univ. 2, IMR, Tohoku Univ. 3@*Huang Xiangyang 1, Miyazaki Yuzuru 1,2, Yubuta Kunio 1,3, Kajitani Tsuyoshi 1,2
  14 Thermoelectric properties of the room-temperature ferromagnet Sr0.75Y0.25CoO3-ƒΒ Waseda Univ. 1,AIST 2,CREST-JST 3@*Takahashi Yoshihiro 1,Yoshida Shin 1,Kobayashi Wataru 1,Obara Haruhiko 2,Terasaki Ichiro 1,3
  15 P-type thermoelectric properties of sintered (CoyNi1-y)xFe3-xO4 with spinel structure Waseda Univ. 1@*Yamamoto Kenji 1, Machida Kiyohito 1, Oikawa Yasushi 1, Kim Changman 1, Ozaki Hajime 1
  16 Preparation and thermoelectric properties of \beta-AxV2O5 (A = Cu, Sr) Tohoku Univ. 1, CREST JST 2@*Miyazaki Yuzuru 1,2, Abe Daisuke 1, Sakai Hideaki 1, Kajitani Tsuyoshi 1,2
  17 Thermoelectric properties of Cu2O thin films Toyo Univ. 1,SAITEC 2@*Umahashi Shigeo 1,Kashiwagi Kunihiro 1,Morita Hiroyuki 2,Kurokouchi Akio 2,Wada Kentaro 2
  18 Power generation and durability of p-type Ca3Co4O9/n-type CaMnO3 module JST CREST 1, AIST 2, OECU 3@*Urata Saori 1,Funahashi Ryoji 1 2,Mihara Toshiyuki 1 2, Iwasaki Knanako 2, Nabeshima Naoki 3
8.5 Thermoelectric Energy Conversion
August 31 (Thu.) 9:00`12:00
31a-L-@/ I
  1 Thermoelectric property of Bi2Te3 thin films with CeO2 Nanoparticles Nagoya Univ. 1,Keio Univ. 2,Hitachi MERL. 3,EcoTopia Sci. Inst. Nagoya Univ. 4@*Maeda masanori 1,Ichino Yusuke 1,Yosida Yutaka 1,Takai Yoshiaki 1,Kanematsu Daiji 1,Nagasaka Yuji 2,Sudo Kimihiko 3,Nakazato Norio 3,Itoh Takashi 4
  2 Transport properties of [100] oriented beta-FeSi2 film on Si(100) substrate Tokyo Inst. of Tech. 1, Tokyo Univ. of Science 2@*Hirofumi Kakemoto1, Tohru Higuchi2, Satoshi Wada1, Takaaki Tsurumi1
’ 3 A circuit for maximum output power at load in thermoelectric power devices Dept of EEIE1 and HRC2, Kanagawa Univ., Elect.Inst., AIST3@*Jun Yamazaki 1,Shigeo Yamaguchi 1,2,3,Atushi Yamamoto 3
’ 4 Thermoelectric properties of InN single-crystal thin films Dept.of EEIE1 and HRC2,Kanagawa Univ.,AIST3,Kyoto Univ.4@*Matsumoto Takayuki1,Yamaguchi Shigeo1,2,Yamamoto Atsushi3,Funato Mitsuru4,Kawakami Yoichi4
  5 Application of Si-Ge-Au Thermoelectric Semiconductor Thin Film to Optical Sensor Dept. of MSE NDA@*Takiguchi hiroaki 1,Fukui Kazuto 1,Fujii Takashi 1,Suenaga Teiji 1,Okamoto Youichi 1,Morimoto Jun 1
  6 Dependence of thermoelectric properties of deteriorated SiGe films on substrate Grad.School of Natural Sci. & Tech.of Kanazawa Univ. 1,National Defense Academy 2@Matoba Akinari 1,Hayahira Yasuo 1,Tsuduki Takahiro 1,Sasaki Kimihiro 1, Okamoto Youichi 2,Morimoto Jun 2
    Break 10:30`10:45
  7 X-ray measurement of the structure and interdiffusion in PbTe/PbTeSe and EuTe/PbTe superlattices Shizuoka Univ. 1, TOYOTA Motor Co. 2@Cao Daoshe 1, Veis Martin 1, Inoue Yoku 1, Kita Takuji 2, *Ishida Akihiro 1
  8 Thermoelectric properties in PbTe films and EuTe/PbTe superlattices Shizuoka Univ. 1, TOYOTA Motor Co. 2@*Ishida Akihiro 1, Cao Daoshe 1, Veis Martin 1, Inoue Yoku 1, Kita Takuji 2
  9 The effect of bath temperature on the properties of electorodeposited Bi2Te3 films Chubu Univ. 1@*K.Sakamoto 1, M.Hujisawa 2, S.Tsuchimoto 3, M.Takahashi 4, S.Sato 5, H.Goto 6, K.Wakita 7
  10 High Throughput Thermal Probe Method; Toward a combinatorial screening of thermoelectric materials AIST 1, NIMS 2@Yamamoto Atsushi 1, Obara Haruhiko 1, Chikyow Toyohiro 2
  11 Combinatorial synthesis and high throughput evaluation method for thermoelectric materials Tohoku Univ., IMR 1, Toyota Motor Corporation 2@*Masaki Watanabe 2, Takuji Kita 2, Akira Ohtomo 1, Tomoteru Fukumura 1, Masashi Kawasaki 1
8.6 New Functional Materials and New Maerials Science
August 31 (Thu.) 9:00`9:45
31a-M-@/ I
  1 Characteristics of electroforming Ni super-micro tubes Tokyo University of Technology@Seiko Mitachi, Yuta Tajima, Yoshihiro Imamura
’ 2 Application of PDMS-TEOS hybrid to thermostable adhesive material (II) Mie Univ. 1,Suzuka Fuji Zerox@*Atsushi Ohno 1,Fumitoshi Imasato 1,Yusuke Aoki 1,Shuhei Nakamura 1,Takuya Shindo 2,Tadashi Kawakita 2
’ 3 Magnetic characteristics of (Ni0.97, Cu0.03)O particles synthesized by a complex polymerization method Nagaoka Univ.ofTechnol.E.D.I.@*Kamekawa Takayuki 1,Inoue Jun 1,Suzuki Tuneo 1,Nakayama Tadatika 1,
Suematu Hisayuki 1,Niihara Kouiti 1