OYO BUTURI Vol.88 No.7 (2019)
Our Research

Plasmonic waveguides for photonic device applications

Masaaki ONO1, Masaya NOTOMI1,2

Plasmonic waveguides confine light in an extremely small area beyond the diffraction limit of light, which in turn enhances the light-matter interaction. On the other hand, they suffer from metal absorption, and introducing light into plasmonic waveguides is not easy. Therefore, we have proposed a mode converter that efficiently connects deep-subwavelength plasmonic waveguides and silicon waveguides. An attractive feature is that the plasmonic waveguides are only used in devices that require the enhancement of the light-matter interaction. Here, we show the plasmonic mode converter that we developed, and discuss the photonic device applications of plasmonic waveguides, in particular ultrafast devices.

  • 1 Nanophotonics Center, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, NTT Corporation
  • 2 Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology
OYO BUTURI Vol.88 No.7 p.465 (2019)