OYO BUTURI Vol.88 No.5 (2019)
Our Research

Electro-optic effects and growth technology for potassium tantalate niobate (KTN) crystals

Takayuki KOMATSU1, Toshinori TAISHI2, Takahiro KOJIMA3, Masahiro SASAURA3

KTN crystals have a significantly large Kerr effect that enables them to be commercialized for optical beam deflectors and varifocal lenses. The deflector is the key part of a swept light source, which is applied to OCT for medical use and position measurement systems for construction use.

KTN single crystal growth is not an easy task. TSSG is the current mainstream growth method, however, it has problems in mass production. To meet the requirements of mass production, we have been examining the vertical Bridgman method and succeeded in the growth of high quality KTN single crystals by integrating it together with continuous raw material supply technology.

  • 1 NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
  • 2 Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University
  • 3 Oxide Corporation
OYO BUTURI Vol.88 No.5 p.341 (2019)