OYO BUTURI Vol.88 No.4 (2019)
Our Research

High resolution color imaging by dielectric optical antennas

Junichi TAKAHARA1,2, Yusuke NAGASAKI1, Ikuto HOTTA1

Plasmonic color can realize extremely high spatial resolution comparable to the diffraction limit of light unlike photonic crystal-based structural colors. However, it is difficult to improve the color purity due to the light absorption of metals. Here we focus on silicon, which is a dielectric with a high refractive index, and describe a color pixel with low loss, high color purity and high resolution by using a Mie resonator as a dielectric optical antenna. We also report on further improving the resolution by adding a chromium mask on the resonator. Such structural color pixels can have a resolution close to the diffraction limit. This is expected to be applied to anti-counterfeiting technology such as industrial products or displays etc.

  • 1 Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
  • 2 Photonics Center, School of Engineering, Osaka University
OYO BUTURI Vol.88 No.4 p.276 (2019)