OYO BUTURI Vol.88 No.1 (2019)
Our Research

EUV light generation using laser induced Sn plasma for semiconductor high volume manufacturing

Hakaru MIZOGUCHI1, Takeshi KODAMA2, Tatsuya YANAGIDA2, Takashi SAITOU2

We developed the first practical source for HVM; “GL200E” in 2014. We have achieved a high average power CO2 laser with more than 20kW of output power in cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Recently, there was the remarkable improvement of having a EUV light source power level at 250W as reported by Source companies. This progress helped semiconductor manufacturers; especially logic device manufacturers. They started the installation of EUV exposure tools into mass production lines. We will report the latest results of actual collector mirror reflectivity degradation and the latest data on high power EUV light source operations.

  • 1 Gigaphoton Inc.
  • 2 EUV Development Div. Gigaphoton Inc.
OYO BUTURI Vol.88 No.1 p.41 (2019)