OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.12 (2018)
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Separation techniques for carbon nanotubes and their applications

Takeshi TANAKA1

Single-wall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are a promising material for various applications. For electrical and optical applications, metal(M) / semiconductor(S) separation, however, is crucial. We have developed a separation method for M/S or single-structure CNTs over the past decade. Here I show the recent progress of the separation as well as various applications using the separated CNTs. Large-scale separation of single-structure S-CNTs was achieved using a mixed surfactant system on gel column chromatography. This method could separate even CNT-enantiomers with high purity. The separated CNTs enabled us to investigate the band structure and the enantiomeric purity of S-CNTs as a basic science. The separated S-CNTs were also used for various applications, such as bio-imaging, room-temperature single-photon emitters, and chemical sensors.

  • 1 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Nanomaterials Research Institute
OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.12 p.902 (2018)