OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.11 (2018)
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Biosonar system of bats

Shizuko HIRYU1, Miwa SUMIYA2, Kazuma HASE1

Sophisticated functions and algorithms of living creatures potentially provide us with knowledge useful for future innovative technologies. Bats and dolphins have evolved echolocation capabilities, which are called biosonar. Now sensing needs are advancing with examples such as automatic driving technology. It is important to learn from a biosonar system that has advanced skills using a simple mechanism. By utilizing various measuring techniques, the unique echolocation behavior of bats has gradually come to light. In this article, we introduce an outline of the biosonar system of bats and our recent research results about the effective foraging strategy of wild bats, and jamming avoidance behavior during group flight with conspecifics.

  • 1 Graduate School of Life and Medical Sciences, Doshisha University
  • 2 National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.11 p.839 (2018)