OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.8 (2018)

Welcome to the JSAP Annual Meeting

Kazuo TSUTSUI1,2

I assume that many members associate “The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP)” with its Spring and Autumn annual meetings. There is no doubt that these meetings are significant events given their size – having approximately 7000 participants with approximately 4000 presentations at each meeting. The JSAP has covered a wide range of academic areas and has been continuously incorporating new areas along with the changing times. At annual meetings, a variety of research results over a wide range of areas are presented in a timely manner, and they are further developed and evolved to the next stage through discussions and exchanges among the large number of researchers who participate in the meetings. At the same time, annual meetings are the gateway for many students and young researchers as well. I believe quite a few of you gave your first public presentation at a JSAP meeting, and had experiences that became your first step as a researcher. The annual meetings have the significant roles of not only vitalizing academic research but also as a place to nurture talent.

As time goes by, the annual meetings, which have a long history, have gone through a variety of changes. In particular, in recent years, many new approaches have been introduced, and the changes have become faster and more significant. This is because a variety of new issues that need to be tackled by the JSAP have emerged along with the changes in the times, and a number of people who plan and run the society and the annual meetings have spelled out new plans and attempts to tackle the issues, while taking in a wide range of opinions of members.

This issue of the membership journal Oyo Buturi features the annual meetings. It introduces the journey that the annual meeting has been through as it experienced trials and errors at times, as well as its current state, and its aim for the future, from a variety of intriguing points of view. The feature includes articles told by people who actually have been involved in the reformation of the meetings and by winners of the Young Scientist Presentation Award, external views of the JSAP annual meetings, as well as Tutorial articles on tutorial lectures held in the past meetings. I hope the member readers can feel a sense of the annual meetings as they evolve in the areas of both development/revitalization of academic research as well as personnel development.

The JSAP will continue to make endeavors so that members will receive greater satisfaction from the Spring and Fall meetings. We would like to hear from you, too. We hope you will participate in the annual meetings, and take great advantage of them. Again “Welcome to the annual meeting!”

  • 1 Chair, Annual Meetings Planning and Operations Committee, The Japan Society of Applied Physics
  • 2 Professor, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology
OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.8 p.564 (2018)