OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.7 (2018)
Our Research

Sub-nanometer scale flattening using a non-uniform optical field

Takashi YATSUI1, Maiku YAMAGUCHI1, Katsuyuki NOBUSADA2

We have studied light-matter interactions at the nanoscale and found that what is essential is the non-uniformity of the electric/magnetic field, in which the physics does not follow the dipole approximation. Here, we review recent progress regarding unique phenomena at the nano-scale using this non-uniformity. First, we review recent theoretical works focusing on optical near fields based on the non-uniform optical fields. Second, among the unique phenomena of the optical near-field, we review the recent development of near-field etching to realize an ultra-flat surface for various materials and the structure. Finally, we discuss the future outlook for these technologies.

  • 1 School of Engineering, University of Tokyo
  • 2 Department of Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science, Institute for Molecular Science
OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.7 p.516 (2018)