OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.2 (2018)
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3D printer for gel/soft matter and its application

Hideaki TAMATE1, Masato MAKINO1, Masaru KAWAKAMI1, Hidemitsu FURUKAWA1

In 3D printers, hard materials such as polymer resins, gypsum, and metals have been used. Our research group, the Soft & Wet matter Engineering Laboratory (SWEL), incorporated this technology before 3D printers were noticed, and is developing a 3D gel printer as a precursor in the world. Like the name of our laboratory, the gel is a soft and wet matter like the human body, and it holds a solvent in the entangled macromolecular chain. However, to model the three-dimensional structure of the gel, there are many methods and technical problems. In this paper, we introduce the 3D gel printer that is under development and its applied technology.

  • 1 Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamagata University
OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.2 p.111 (2018)