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To join the division(s) of the JSAP, you need a referral from an official JSAP member who is either a regular member, senior member, life member, emeritus member or honorary member, or a division member.
Please receive approval from a referrer and enter their membership number (7 digit)
and the registered name of the referrer.
An Email will be sent to the registered Email address of the referrer for confirmation.

If you don’t have any person to give you a referral, please apply to JSAP Secretariat Membership Services by
attaching your affiliation, age, reason for the application, field of study and a brief personal history.
The Director in charge, etc., will review the attached information.

Application for Division:
(If you are already a member of the JSAP, please apply from the
“Application for Division Membership” link on My Page.
Click here to go to My Page)
Membership application to the Optical Society of Japan as a division member was stopped on August 20, 2014.
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(Please enter their 7-digit JSAP membership number in single-byte.)
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(To join, you need a referral from an official member or a division member. )
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