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JSAP Fellow Stipulations

  • (Content)
    Article 1
    The Fellow Award Stipulations shall provide the requirements for the Fellow Award given by the Japan Society of Applied Physics (hereinafter referred to as “JSAP”).
  • (Objective)
    Article 2
    The objective of the Fellow Award system is as follows;
    1. i To bestow the title Fellow of JSAP (JSAP Fellow) to regular members of JSAP who have made outstanding contributions to the development of applied physics through continuous activities in JSAP, in recognition of their achievements, and thereby encouraging them to exercise leadership as a member worthy of representing JSAP.
    2. ii To bestow the title International Fellow of JSAP (JSAP Fellow International) to individuals living abroad who contributed significantly to the progress of JSAP and in recognition of their achievements.
  • (Requirement)
    Article 3
    The outstanding contributions mentioned in the preceding article are those that contribute to the development of applied physics by stimulating academic and research activities, the development and fostering of industrial technologies, and educational and public-interest activities.
  • (Individuals eligible for Fellow Award)
    Article 4
    Individuals eligible for the Fellow Award shall be regular members who have been members of JSAP for more than10 years. This shall not apply to the second clause of Article 2.
  • (Number of Fellows)
    Article 5
    Fellows of JSAP shall account for approximately 3% of the total number of individual members of JSAP.
  • (Nomination of candidates)
    Article 6
    The recommendation for Fellow Award candidates shall be based on a nomination form submitted by a Fellow. The format of the nomination form shall be specified separately. Fellow Award candidates shall consist of not only those recommended by Fellow members but also those recommended by honorary members, emeritus members, or regular members who have been members of JSAP for more than ten years, in order to smoothly and steadily manage the Fellow Award system.
  • (Candidate selection process)
    Article 7
    To choose Fellow Award candidates, a Fellow Award Candidate Selection Committee shall be established. The Committee shall select appropriate candidates for a Fellow Award from nominated candidates, referring to submitted evaluation forms of candidates’ achievements, and nominate them to the Board.

    The stipulations of the Fellow Award Candidate Selection Committee and the format of the evaluation form shall be specified separately.
  • (Selection of awardees)
    Article 8
    The Board shall discuss the candidates nominated by the Committee and determine the awardees.
  • (Public announcement)
    Article 9
    After a decision is made on the Fellow Awardees, the Board shall immediately notify them of the decision and officially announce it in OYO BUTURI and on the website of JSAP with the names of the members of the Fellow Award Candidate Selection Committee.
  • (Method of awarding)
    Article 10
    The Fellow Award shall be given under the name of the incumbent President of JSAP at the time of the awarding ceremony.
  • (Bestowing the title of Fellow)
    Article 11
    A Fellow Award Certificate shall be conferred on each Fellow Awardee(s).
  • (Expiration date of the title)
    Article 12
    Fellow Awardee(s) may use the title during the period of their membership in JSAP. This shall not apply to the second clause of Article 2.
  • (Stipulation amendment procedure)
    Article 13
    These stipulations may be amended by the approval of the director in charge of general administration.

Supplementary provision

These stipulations have been in effect since July 5, 2006.

  • Amended on July 6, 2007.
  • Amended on December 19, 2008.
  • Amended on July 2, 2010.
  • Amended on February 25, 2011
  • Amended on May 13, 2011
  • Amended on May 11, 2012
  • Amended on April 21, 2015