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OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.5 (2016)

Optical applications (Laser, Scintillator, Optical vortex), Electronics application (Topological insulator, Semiconductor, Solid state ionics, High-temperature superconductivity), Nuclear fusion

Cover of OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.5 (2016)
Cover photo of OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.5 (2016)

The Large Helical Device is operated at the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) of the National Institutes of Natural Sciences. Realizing plasmas with ion temperatures over 10keV, NIFS aims to elucidate and systematize the physics of high-temperature high-density plasmas that are necessary for a fusion reactor. By a pair of helical superconducting electromagnets, in blue, a magnetic configuration is formed, which consists of so-called closed magnetic surfaces. As a result, it is possible to confine stable plasmas in a steady state. The closed magnetic surfaces are formed inside the magnetic field lines area, whose cross section is shaped like the tail of a fish. (p.389)

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