2016 12 85 12

OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.12 (2016)

Fabrication and evaluation technologies of organic materials, and state-of-the-art optical metrology

Cover of OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.12 (2016)
Cover photo of OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.12 (2016)

The Data glove is a textile-based wearable sensing system integrated with thin carbon nanotube(CNT)-based stretchable strain sensors in which unidirectionally aligned multi-walled CNTs are embedded in urethane resin. It enables precise data logging of fine finger motions in real time. High sensitivity, fast response and high linearity characteristics are brought by introducing a unidirectionally aligned CNT sheet fabricated by dry-spinning of CNT. The dry-spinning process is a brand-new technology to build up a large scale aligned CNT structure. (p.1016)

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