2016 10 85 10

OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.10 (2016)

From laser, metamaterial, spintronics, biosensors to space debris

Cover of OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.10 (2016)
Cover photo of OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.10 (2016)

Circular polarization switching of a Terahertz wave has been achieved with a MEMS spiral metamaterial whose structure can be vertically deformed by applying air pressure. A photograph of the plastic chamber for air pressure application (middle right). Before and after microscope images of air pressure application (above and middle left). Vertical deformation can be observed. Polarization rotation spectrum of the transmitted Terahertz wave through the metamaterial (below). The sign of the polarization rotation becomes opposite when the direction of vertical deformation is reversed.The device was fabricated by the Shimoyama group in the University of Tokyo, Department of Mechano-Informatics.(p.880)

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