2016 7 85 7

OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.7 (2016)

Frontiers of application of plasma engineering, frontiers of photonics at nanoscale, nanostructures, surface measurements

Cover of OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.7 (2016)
Cover photo of OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.7 (2016)

Large high-quality single-crystal diamonds with a maximum diameter of 12mm (8 to 10 karat) synthesized with the temperature gradient method under an ultra-high pressure and high temperature. The colorless high-pressure synthetic diamonds (type IIa) have high crystalline quality that far exceeds that of natural and conventional synthetic diamonds. They not only have a high purity but also have an extremely small amount of internal strain and crystal defects. In particular, the {100} growth sector contains almost no impurities and has no structural defects. By taking advantage of this high crystalline quality, they have been used as monochromators, optical elements and optical parts. Applications in the electronics field are also expected. (p.585)

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