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OYO BUTURI Vol.84 No.6 (2015)

Leading edge of developments on optics, spintronics and electronic devices pioneered by new functional materials | Evolution of terahertz spectroscopy and molecular imaging technology

Cover of OYO BUTURI Vol.84 No.6 (2015)
Cover photo of OYO BUTURI Vol.84 No.6 (2015)

Conventional opaque paper and brand-new transparent paper (above)
Using cellulose nanofibers, paper enhance clear optically transparent and high mechanical properties. The transparent nanofiber paper have been successfully applied as advanced electronics of memory, transistor, and transparent electrodes and so on. (p.536)
Large Scaled Transparent Windows Made with Y2O3 Ceramics (below)
Since Y2O3 material has high melting point (2400°C) and phase transition point just below its melting point, it was not possible to produce even a small scaled gain medium by the conventional melt-growth method. However, we have succeeded in producing such polycrystalline materials with optical grade by sintering method. Nowadays, this type of materials has been paid attention for window applications in visible to infra-red (8µm) wavelength ranges. or application as solid-state laser gain media. (p.542)

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