2016 9 85 9

OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.9 (2016)

Application of plasma, quantum devices, organics, characterization of interface and energy

Cover of OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.9 (2016)
Cover photo of OYO BUTURI Vol.85 No.9 (2016)

Electron microscope photos of a single quantum dot (top left) and a double quantum dot (bottom left). Both have a quantum point contact (QPC) for detecting a single photoelectron in the vicinity of the quantum dot. The surface across the insulator is covered by a light-shielding metal mask, and photons are irradiated onto the quantum dots via the opening of the light-shielding mask. Energy diagrams are overlaid on schematic diagrams of photon absorption and single electron-hole generation. in the direction of the depth for a GaAs/AlGaAs single heterostructure (top in the right figure) and for a double heterostructure (bottom in the right figure). (p.769)

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