OYO BUTURI Vol.86 No.12 (2017)
Our Research

Self-healing metal wire and its stretchable device application

Tomoya KOSHI1, Eiji IWASE1

We propose a stretchable electronic device with self-healing ability for a wire crack caused by a stretching deformation. We define “self-healing” as a selective healing of the crack through a voltage applied to metal wires, regardless of the crack location or width. To achieve this self-healing ability on metal wires, dielectrophoresis of metal nanoparticles is used. When a voltage is applied to a metal wire containing a crack and covered with a metal nanoparticle dispersion, a non-uniform electric field is generated in the region of the crack only. Then, the nanoparticles near the crack experience a dielectrophoresis force due to the electric field. As a result, the crack is healed selectively by the assembled nanoparticles bridging the crack.

  • 1 Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
OYO BUTURI Vol.86 No.12 p.1061 (2017)