OYO BUTURI Vol.86 No.11 (2017)
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Light-melt adhesives: High-temperature resistant adhesives that melt by light

Shohei SAITO1

The control of material properties by light is an important technology. A photoresponsive columnar liquid crystal has been developed as a high-temperature resistant adhesive that melts by light. It is named “Light-Melt Adhesive”. This material displayed its performance with 1) a bonding strength of 1.6 MPa at room temperature and of 1.2 MPa even during heating at 100°C, 2) photoinduced reduction of its bonding strength by 85%, and 3) instant photoseparation on the order of a few seconds using a common UV-LED (total 320 mJ cm-2 dose). Furthermore, this material showed value-added properties: 4) reusability by heat initialization over 160°C, and 5) visualization of the bonding/nonbonding phases by fluorescence change. The light-melt adhesive will accelerate on-demand photoseparation technology in various manufacturing processes.

  • 1 Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
OYO BUTURI Vol.86 No.11 p.982 (2017)