OYO BUTURI Vol.86 No.11 (2017)
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Exploration of energy conversion materials based on microwave spectroscopy

Akinori SAEKI1

The exploration of photoelectric conversion materials by means of flash-photolysis time-resolved microwave conductivity (TRMC) is reviewed. TRMC techniques, a type of electrode-less electromagnetic wave spectroscopy, allow the probing of transient photoconductivity that is relatively unsusceptible to impurities and degradations, and provide a measure of the fundamental process in optoelectronic materials. The review illustrates how the local oscillational motion of a charge carrier probed by TRMC correlates with the microscopic device parameters of organic photovoltaics and perovskite solar cells in terms of photocurrent, charge transport, and charge transfer. Based on the unique evaluations and analyses, a prospect for the exploration and development of next-generation energy conversion materials is presented.

  • 1 Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
OYO BUTURI Vol.86 No.11 p.977 (2017)