OYO BUTURI Vol.86 No.11 (2017)
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Thermal analysis techniques and the degradation mechanism of transparent oxide thin film transistors

Yukiharu URAOKA1, Mami FUJII1, Mutsunori UENUMA1, Yasuaki ISHIKAWA1

Due to their high electrical performance, the possibility of low temperature formation and their unique optical properties, transparent oxide thin film transistors are attracting great interest as the driving elements of next-generation displays such as organic EL and flexible displays. However, various reliability issues remain as compared with single crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon formed by a high temperature process. In this report, we describe the degradation analysis method of thin film transistors due to heat generation and their degradation mechanism. We also introduce a new development in transparent oxide materials, which is an effective means to elucidate the mechanism of the operation of resistive memory.

  • 1 Nara Institute of Science and Technology
OYO BUTURI Vol.86 No.11 p.967 (2017)