OYO BUTURI Vol.86 No.9 (2017)
Our Research

Single cell electroporation using a scanning ion conductance microscope

Futoshi IWATA1, Tatsuo USHIKI2

How best to introduce biomolecules into human cells is currently one of the most important issues, not only for basic cellular research but also in many clinical fields. In particular, the development of methods for manipulating single cells is of major importance for the rapidly growing field of genomics and proteomics. Recently, we developed a novel electroporation method using a scanning ion conductance microscope (SICM). In this paper, after introducing SICM for imaging of biological samples, we describe the single cell electroporation technique based on SICM. Using the method, propidium iodide was successfully introduced into a targeted single Hela cell without influencing the surrounding cells.

  • 1 Graduate School of Engineering, Shizuoka University
  • 2 Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
OYO BUTURI Vol.86 No.9 p.791 (2017)